The Liaocheng City Market Supervision Bureau takes multiple measures to maintain market price order during the Spring Festival
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  Liaocheng City Market Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to the supervision of market prices during the Spring Festival, adopts various measures to regulate market price order, and strives to create a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere for the citizens.

   One is to strengthen organizational leadership. Establish a double-session market supervision class with the director as the team leader and relevant department staff as members, and uniformly deploy and arrange the city’s festival price supervision work.

   The second is to carry out reminders. The”Liaocheng City Market Supervision Bureau Regulates the Market Price Behavior Reminder and Warning Letter during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in 2021″ was published on the portal website of the Municipal Bureau and the WeChat public account, and posted to supermarket stores to remind and warn operators of all industries in the city to warn the market Operators strengthen their awareness of price self-discipline, implement clearly marked prices, prohibit price-raising, hoarding, and disseminating price-increasing information, etc., to guide market operators to operate in good faith and standardize holiday sales promotion.

   The third is to carry out special pre-holiday activities. Prior to the Spring Festival, special rectification actions for the market price of the”vegetable basket” and transportation price supervision actions during the Spring Festival transport were carried out respectively. Go to vegetable wholesale markets and major supermarkets to check clearly marked prices and product sales promotion, and guide operators to strengthen industry self-discipline and standardize price behavior. Check transportation prices at bus stations, railway stations and expressway service areas, and regulate the order of prices in the passenger transportation industry. Go to Jiangdi Park and Liaocheng Zoo and other scenic spots to check the ticket prices.

  Fourth is to strengthen price inspections. During the Spring Festival, the city sent a total of 2,192 law enforcement personnel to inspect 1,045 large supermarkets, shops, pharmacies and other units, and issued 4740 reminders and warnings. A total of 3 complaints were received and dealt with. No price hikes, price fraud, and Illegal acts such as arbitrary charges.