The Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau deploys the first batch of food safety supervision and sampling tasks in 2021
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   In order to further scientifically regulate the food safety sampling work, according to the”Food Safety Law”,”Food Safety Sampling Inspection Management Measures” and the General Administration of Market Supervision food safety sampling inspection work The deployment requirements are based on the principles of quarterly deployment, monthly development, and balanced progress. Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau deployed the first batch of food safety supervision and sampling tasks in 2021.

   The first batch of food safety supervision and sampling inspection tasks of    Provincial Market Supervision Bureau in 2021 plan a total of 6580 batches of random inspections, involving 28 major food categories, 136 varieties, and 215 Fine category. The main sampling items are processed grain products, edible oil, meat products, dairy products, beverages, catering food, edible agricultural products, convenience foods, biscuits, potatoes and puffed food, confectionery products, tea and related products, alcohol, etc. Sampling objects are foods sold by in-production food production companies that have obtained production licenses and supermarkets, large wholesale markets, and large catering companies with a high market share in the province, and focus on tracking and sampling unqualified companies and varieties in 2020. The sampling scope covers 13 districts and cities in the province, and the sampling will cover wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, small grocery stores, central kitchens, group meal distribution units, and catering service units in tourist attractions.