The International Pacific Flounder Association determines that this year’s flounder fishing quota will be reduced by 6.4 million tons year-on-year
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   News from Intrafish on January 30. On Friday (January 29), the International Pacific Halibut (IPHC) determined the commercial fishing quota for this precious flounder and agreed to reduce the allowable fishing volume.

   The commercial fishing limit for Pacific flounder is 25.7 million pounds, which is about 6.4 million tons less than in 2020. Last year, the fishing limit was 27.46 million pounds, or about 12,400 tons.
   By the end of 2020, 24.9 million pounds (approximately 11,000 tons) of halibut were caught ashore, most of the catch was in the Gulf of Alaska and Southeast Alaska.
  The International Pacific Halibut Society (IPHC) is a joint committee of the United States and Canada responsible for the management of common halibut populations.