The General Administration of Market Supervision has completed the issuance of national uniform standard administrative law enforcement certificates at this level
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   Recently, 147 law enforcement officers of the General Administration of Market Supervision received uniform standard-style administrative law enforcement certificates, which marked the completion of the national uniform standard-style administrative law enforcement by the General Administration. Certificate issuance.

  The administrative law enforcement certificate is a certification that administrative law enforcement personnel have the administrative law enforcement qualifications and carry out administrative law enforcement activities in accordance with the law. Since October 2020, the General Administration has actively deployed and implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Justice”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Implementation of the National Unified Administrative Law Enforcement Certificate Standard Form”, and completed all administrative law enforcement certificates in accordance with the”National Unified Administrative Enforcement Certificate Standard Form” approved by the State Council And organized a unified law enforcement qualification examination in time.

   Among the 147 certificates issued this round, 112 certificates were reissued and 35 certificates were newly issued. In addition, the State Administration is working to formulate the”Administrative Law Enforcement Certificate Management Measures of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration” to further improve the management of administrative law enforcement documents, promote standardized law enforcement, and enhance the efficiency and level of law enforcement.