The Food and Drug Administration of Xiaoyi Street, Gongyi City launched a farmer’s market  festival food safety rectification action
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Food Partner Network News The Ershili Farmers’ Market is the largest distribution center of edible agricultural products, dry-mixed foods and soy products in Gongyi City. It is also a source of daily purchases for supermarkets, restaurants, and the general public. The Spring Festival is approaching Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job of food safety in the farmer’s market.

   The Food and Drug Administration of Xiaoyi Street, Gongyi City Market Supervision Bureau, began to mobilize special forces to carry out special rectification actions at the farmers’ market at the end of January, and arrange professional quick inspection vehicles to carry out rapid food safety inspections at the farmers’ market daily. The quick inspection project basically covers the main types of food sold in the Shili Farmer’s Market, and can quickly detect pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits,”clenbuterol” ingredients in fresh livestock and poultry meats, and Asian meat in cooked meat and cooked meat products. Nitrate etc. So far, 15 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to randomly inspect 23 batches of food in 14 stores and stalls.
  On this basis, the Food and Drug Administration of Xiaoyi Street, Gongyi City also conducts inspections on the fulfillment of all types of food dealers’ purchase inspection obligations, the purchase and sale of cold chain foods, the maintenance of environmental sanitation, and the holding of health certificates by employees. A comprehensive supervision and inspection. The continuous actions over the past few days have effectively regulated the business operations of merchants and laid a solid foundation for further improving holiday food safety. (Source of the manuscript:Gongyi City Market Supervision Bureau)