The Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Administration compiled the”Guidelines for Handling Criminal Cases of Illegal Import of Cold Chain Food”
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  Imported cold chain food safety is the top priority of the current epidemic prevention and control work. Focusing on rectification of its existing problems, severely cracking down on illegal and criminal acts, and effectively protecting the health and safety of the people have always been the”No. 1 Project” of market supervision.

   Recently, Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau compiled and issued the”Guidelines for Handling Illegal Cold Chain Food Illegal and Criminal Cases” in light of the actual situation of grassroots law enforcement.

   The guide is based on the”Notice on Strengthening the Sterilization and Traceability of Cold Chain Foods by Nine Departments including the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau” and”Sichuan Province’s Cold Chain Food New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Based on the “Guidelines for the Responsibility of the Subject of Information Tracing”, following the Food Safety Law, Price Law, Infectious Disease Prevention Law, and Emergency Response Law, the illegal clauses and punishment clauses have been systematically sorted out, and the criminal law and judicial interpretations of illegal The act of importing cold-chain foods was promoted to be linked to punishment, clarifying matters such as timely transfer in accordance with the law and scientifically qualitative violations of the”two certificates and one report” and the”four no requirements”. It aims to provide investigation procedures, paths and templates for the district (city) and county grassroots to handle illegal and criminal cases of illegally importing cold chain food.