The case of”pimple pickles” purchased and processed by Qixia City Guanfeng Noodle Shop
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   On October 8, 2020, the Yantai Municipal Market Supervision Administration implemented food safety supervision and random inspection on the”pimple pickles” purchased and processed by Qixia Guanshou Pasta Shop. The sample was inspected by Shandong Yuepin Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd. and issued an”inspection report”. The inspection conclusion is:benzoic acid and its sodium salt (calculated as benzoic acid), and sodium saccharin (calculated as saccharin) items do not meet GB2760-2014 According to the requirements of”National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard”, the inspection conclusion is unqualified.

   On November 16, 2020, Qixia City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau delivered the”Inspection Report” and issued the”Notice of Order Correction” to Qixia City Guanfeng Noodle Shop”, order it to make corrections before November 23, 2020, the parties did not make the corrections within the time limit, and the parties did not file any objections or reexamination requests within the time limit.

   On November 26, 2020, Qixia Market Supervision and Administration initiated an investigation into Qixia City Guanshou Pasta Shop. The following violations were found in Qixia City Guanshou Pasta Shop Behavior:Purchasing and using food raw materials”pimple pickles” that do not meet food safety standards. The above-mentioned illegal actions of the company violated the provisions of Article 8, Paragraph 1, Item (1) of the”Management Regulations on Small Food Workshops, Small Catering and Food Stalls of Shandong Province”. On January 20, 2021, Qixia Market Supervision Administration imposed the following administrative penalties on the company in accordance with the provisions of Article 45, paragraph 1, of the”Shandong Province Food Small Workshops, Small Catering and Food Stall Management Regulations”:a fine of RMB 1000.00 .