The Beihai Market Supervision Bureau organizes the special rectification of the “three strict inspections” of the high-end liquor market before the Spring Festival
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   In order to further regulate the operation order of the city’s high-end liquor market, crack down on illegal activities that infringe on consumer rights such as bundling, walking false price increases, hoarding, making and selling fakes. Recently, the Beihai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized a special inspection of full coverage of liquor circulation to ensure that the high-end liquor market is stable, the source of goods is legal, and the price is controllable.
   Strictly check price violations. Check whether the price is clearly marked, whether false transactions, extra price markups, low price and high knots, tying other goods for bundling sales, hoarding, price bidding, agreement monopoly, etc. are adopted. Check whether the operators strictly abide by the laws and regulations, consciously accept the supervision of the supervisory authority and the society, and achieve integrity and law-abiding operations.
   Strictly check the purchase channels. Check whether the operator strictly implements the purchase and sales account and the system of requesting invoices, and whether there are acts of evading supervision by fraudulent accounts, fake documents, and fake sales records. Strictly control the quality of alcohol purchases, prevent purchases from illegal channels, and ensure that the sales quantity and inventory quantity are consistent with the purchase quantity.
   Strictly investigate false propaganda. Check whether there is any false propaganda behaviors such as promotion of false original prices, fictitious vintage wines, fictitious awards, vague representations of awards, fictitious wine ingredients, etc. For those who counterfeit or imitate the unique name, packaging, and decoration of well-known commodities, they will resolutely seize and remove relevant products from the shelves according to law, and file a case for investigation.
   In this operation, a total of 41 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect 19 shopping malls and supermarkets, 8 minor violations were corrected on the spot, 5 correction notices were issued, 2 cases were filed, and the cases are still being processed.