The Alxa League Market Supervision Bureau vigorously launched a special rectification of food production and circulation safety during the Spring Festival
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   In order to standardize the market order during the Spring Festival, optimize the holiday consumption environment, further do a good job in food production and circulation safety supervision work, and earnestly protect and improve people’s livelihood, Alxa League Market Supervision Bureau Make careful arrangements to carry out special rectification actions for food safety during the Spring Festival to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.

   One is to combine the characteristics of festivals during the Spring Festival and the characteristics of food safety work, with imported cold chain foods and seasonal foods as key varieties, large shopping malls, supermarkets, and edible agricultural products wholesale markets , The farmer’s market is a key unit, intensify the supervision and inspection of food circulation and production safety in the food field in a targeted manner, strictly prevent and strictly control the source risk, process risk and delivery risk, and urge the full implementation of the main responsibility of food safety. The second is to inspect large and medium-sized supermarkets (small stores) and other sales places to check whether the food business license and business license are complete, whether the employees are healthy and record it, whether the supermarket is engaged in business activities in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and sells imported cold Whether chain food implements special channel purchase, special area (library) storage, special counter sales management, and whether the food business license requirements are continuously maintained. The third is to strengthen the inspection of food production and sales, the inspection of receipts and purchases, the supervision and inspection of whether food operators have established purchase and sales accounts and quality commitment systems, and whether the purchase of imported cold chain food requires entry food quarantine inspection certificates, disinfection certificates, Nucleic acid test certificates, supplier invoices, and prevention and control of cold chain foods during the Spring Festival. The fourth is to strengthen the inspection of food safety in the circulation links such as the packaging, labeling, production date, shelf life and storage conditions of the food, and check whether the food in the business is spoiled, rancid, moldy, insects, filthy and unclean, mixed with foreign objects, Maternity leave adulteration or abnormal sensory traits can effectively prevent food safety incidents. The fifth is to strengthen the supervision of small food production workshops. Further enhance the food safety awareness of small workshops, urge them to improve their food safety assurance capabilities, and earnestly implement the main responsibility for food safety. Focus on supervising and urging small workshops to publicly post small workshop registration certificates, business licenses, and quality and safety commitments in processing sites, so as to ensure that they operate with a clear certificate, and consciously accept social supervision; strictly implement the sanitation management system, and the”four preventions” in processing sites are in place (rodent prevention, Flies, insects, dust), living area and production area, general clean area and clean area are effectively separated; strictly implement the raw material procurement inspection system, perform the ticket and certificate procedures, and shall not purchase food raw materials from unknown sources; strictly follow Process regulations engage in food processing, regulate the use of food additives, and must not use non-food raw materials.

   As of now, a total of 986 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 9 food production companies, 156 food production and processing workshops, and 1 food wholesale market and edible agricultural products There were 13 centralized trading markets, 31 large and medium-sized supermarkets, 234 small supermarkets, and 40 food vendors. Four notices were issued to order corrections. During the Spring Festival, the Alxa League Market Supervision Bureau will strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership-driven system to ensure that complaints and reporting lines are open 24 hours a day, handle reports from the masses in a timely manner, eliminate hidden dangers as soon as possible, and ensure the food safety and people of the League during the Spring Festival and epidemic prevention and control. The masses are in good health.