Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration destroys processing plants that produce counterfeit monosodium glutamate
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Food Partner Network News Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration reported on February 23 that the bureau destroyed a processing plant that produced counterfeit monosodium glutamate in the Linlacca area based on the clues of the complaint.

The factory has produced counterfeit”Ajinomoto” brand MSG for more than a year. It is mixed with non-brand MSG and salt, placed in a”Ajinomoto” brand MSG bag, sealed and packaged, and then the finished product is sent. Sold to various provinces in southern Thailand.

In this on-site inspection, more than 5,000 bags of counterfeit”Ajinomoto” MSG, 22 tons of ingredients, 1.4 tons of salt raw materials, and more than 100,000 empty bags printed with”Ajinomoto” MSG were seized, and all production was seized. Machinery and equipment.

Thailand’s Food Law and Hazardous Substances Law provide the most severe punishment for the production of counterfeit products. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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