Thailand plans to export more than 70 billion worth of fruits to my country this year
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Food Partner Network News On February 17, Atkorn, adviser to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand, said that despite the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020, Thailand can still export more than 60 billion baht of fruit to China. This year, Thailand will join hands with China to expand cooperation to improve the quality and standards of Thai fruits in order to promote Thai exports to comply with Chinese import regulations.

Thai government agencies will hold cooperative discussion meetings with non-governmental organizations and business representatives on improving fruit quality standards to strengthen the development of production technology, improve product traceability and logistics management systems, improve offline and online marketing and promotion (O2O mode), and promote Facilitated development of Thailand’s 4 export checkpoints.

Thailand plans to export more than 70 billion baht of fruit to China this year.

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