Taiwan region announced the amendment to the draft of”Test Method for Mycotoxins in Food-Citrusine Test”
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Food Partner Network News On February 25, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare issued the Announcement No. 1101900159 of Weishoushizi, announcing amendments to”Testing Methods for Mycotoxins in Foods-Citrinin”draft. The main points of the amendment are as follows:

   1. Correct the English name.
   2. The”Scope of Application” expands the dietary supplements and red yeast pigments made from red yeast rice.
   3.”Device” delete”water bath” and add”spectrophotometer”, etc.
  4. Add”hydrochloric acid” to”Reagent”.
   5.”Appliances and materials” delete”glass sample bottle” and”syringe filter”, amend”volume flask” and”filter paper”, and add”centrifuge tube”,”glass fiber filter paper” and”immunization” Affinity column”.
   6. Add”Reagent Preparation”.
  7.”Preparation of standard solution” revises the concentration range of standard solution.
  8.”Preparation of test solution” added immunoaffinity column process.
   Nine. Add”Determination of Color Value of Red Yeast Pigment”.
  10. In the”Monitoring Test and Content Determination”, the samples are divided into”Red yeast rice and food and dietary supplements made from red yeast rice” and”Red yeast pigment”, and the content of citrinin is corrected. unit.
  11. Note The revised detection limit is the quantitative limit and its unit, and the multiple reaction detection mode parameters of the liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer are added.
  12. Add references.
  13. Add and revise part of the text.
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