Strictly control the”first pass” of imported cold chain foods Luzhou has built seven centralized supervision warehouses
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   Qualification inspection, comprehensive disinfection, nucleic acid sampling, warehouse temporary storage… On February 1, the first batch of centralized supervision warehouses for imported cold chain food in Luzhou City ushered in goods.


Besides the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food in    Lu County, a special cold chain transport truck loaded with 1.5 tons of imported beef will be completed after the vehicle is fully disinfected and information checked and registered , Drove slowly into the waiting unloading area.

  ”This batch of frozen products was sent out from Chongqing in the morning. The box contained frozen boneless beef from Brazil and Ukraine.” The truck driver Gu Chaoping After the cargo owner Xiong Jie registered his identity information and received the new crown throat swab sampling, he stopped the truck steadily in the sampling and killing area, and was directed by the on-site staff to rest in the driver’s rest area.

  Longmatan District:

   The outside of the centralized supervision warehouse is divided into five areas, namely the inspection area, the vehicle disinfection area, the unloading operation area, the sampling disinfection area, and the disinfection and standing area; the inner part There are two parts, namely special cargo warehouse and conventional cargo warehouse. The special class of centralized supervision warehouses implements a 24-hour work system, and implements “list-based” management from inspection, unloading, sampling, disinfection, warehousing, and warehousing, strictly in accordance with the work process.

   At the same time, highlight professional management, set up a special class for cold chain logistics, and the supervision warehouse office is divided into killing, sampling, supervision, medical waste disposal, sanitation, and emergency Deal with 6 groups, consolidate the hard task of”personal defense”, implement strict requirements for centralized supervision, and resolutely achieve”external defense input, internal defense rebound” to effectively prevent, control and block the spread of cold chain food epidemics entering Longmatan District risk.

   Entry and exit requirements:

   staff in white protective clothing, masks and goggles stepped forward to tear the seal of the cargo box, opened the door, and faced the carton that was still exuding cold Samples are collected from the outer packaging, inner packaging, food itself, and compartments for nucleic acid testing. After sampling, the workers unloaded each piece of food for disinfection, and then transported it to the warehouse with a forklift, and placed it in a standing warehouse for 30 minutes before transporting it to a conventional warehouse for stacking of imported food.

  The cold chain food production operator who enters the warehouse shall make an appointment by telephone 48 hours before, and report the name of the producer, the name of the goods, the weight of the goods, and the appointment at the same time After the staff has reviewed the customs declaration form, customs inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate, and road transport permit, the entry time and other information can only enter the centralized supervision warehouse for disinfection and nucleic acid testing under the prompt of the staff.

  ”Sampling cold chain foods for nucleic acid testing, and the result is negative before they can be released.”

   The staff of the Market Supervision Bureau stated that disinfection and nucleic acid testing are carried out in accordance with the principle of”every vehicle must be eliminated, and each vehicle must be inspected.” The centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food in Longmatan District has transferred staff from the Ministry of Health, Market Supervision, and Transportation to form a warehouse working group to standardize warehousing, unloading, sterilization, inspection, stacking, and warehouse operations. , Not only to ensure that there are no dead ends in the cold chain logistics management responsibilities, but also to ensure the continuous high-speed operation of the supervision warehouse.”After the cold chain food is sampled, the storage time can be controlled at least 4 to 6 hours.”

  As of February 3, the city has accepted appointments for importing 14.89 tons of cold chain food, 3.39 tons of warehousing supervision, and 1.1 tons that have obtained a warehouse certificate. Imported cold chain food mainly involves pork and its products, beef and its products, imported ice cream, and imported cream products.

   In the future, all imported cold chain foods stored, processed, and sold within Lu County will be brought to the centralized supervision warehouse for sampling and disinfection. Only after passing the inspection and obtaining the warehouse certificate can it be sold on the market, minimizing the safety risks of imported cold chain food and ensuring the lives and health of the people.

   In addition to the centralized supervision warehouses in Luxian and Longmatan Districts, Luzhou City has established a supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food in each of the four counties and three districts based on districts and counties. , Strict supervision of imported cold chain food, 7 centralized supervision warehouses in various districts and counties of Luzhou City have begun to be put into use.