Standardize industry development, release 19 group standards for food contact product labeling
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   Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology, Beijing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Dalian Product Quality Inspection and Testing Institute Co., Ltd., Shandong Product Quality Inspection Institute, Guangzhou Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection, Nanjing Product Quality 9 leading units drafted and compiled the”Technical Specification for Food Contact Product Labels and Instructions for Use of Food Contact Products”, including the Supervision and Inspection Institute, Hubei Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Chaozhou Quality Metrology Supervision and Inspection Institute of Guangdong Province, and Shanghai Food Contact Materials Association. Adhesive plastic film” and other 19 group standards. After being reviewed and approved by experts organized by the Association, it will be officially released on February 9, 2021 through the National Group Standard Information Platform (, and the standard will be officially implemented on March 1, 2021.
   This series of group standards stipulates the scope, normative references, terms and definitions, basic principles, labeling elements and requirements, label production requirements, and provides product label examples in the form of informative appendices for manufacturers and Reference of relevant departments, etc.
   The implementation of 19 group standards such as”Technical Specification for Food Contact Product Labels and Instructions for Use Plastic Self-adhesive Cling Film” has maximized the leading role of group standards in the development of the industry and improved the labeling and identification of food-related products The overall industry level, strengthening corporate self-discipline, and maintaining orderly competition in the industry are of positive significance.
   Based on the principle of”joint participation, joint commitment, and mutual benefit”, a total of 43 related companies and institutions actively participated in the formulation of the group standards for 19 food-related product label identification series. The promulgation of this series of group standards enables food-related product manufacturers to produce labels and logos based on evidence, market circulation has standards and feasible, and consumer choice can be guaranteed by standards.