“Standardization + Agriculture” Chaohu Market Supervision Bureau helps agricultural development
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   In recent years, the Chaohu City Market Supervision Bureau has been actively doing”standardization + agriculture”, making every effort to promote the high-quality development of agriculture and making suggestions for the revitalization of Chaohu villages.

   strengthen standard publicity. Actively connect with the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau to obtain the list of leading agricultural products companies, visit in-depth economic entities that have won the”three products and one standard”, leading titles, model professional cooperatives, family farms and other economic entities, and publicize the”People’s Republic of China Standardization Law” and”Anhui Provincial Local Standards Management Measures” Knowledge of standards, laws and regulations such as”Hefei Local Standards Management Measures”, to enhance the standard awareness of corporate leaders.

   guide standard formulation and project declaration. In agriculture-related enterprises, adhere to the principle of “implementing standards with standards, making up for standards without standards, and building standards without standards”, organize enterprises to vigorously carry out standards adoption and standard building activities, and encourage enterprises to actively participate in the formulation of national standards, industry standards, and local standards. Revise activities to urge enterprises to improve the agricultural standard system. At present, the city has 8 local standards such as characteristic agricultural Qingtong planting, aquaculture, Zhongya tomato planting, and Dudu Cuiming tea.

   build an agricultural standardization demonstration area. The city has created (in) 17 Hefei municipal agricultural standardization demonstration zone projects. Each demonstration zone has established a complete set of pre-production, mid-production, and post-production standard systems, and has records of the entire production process. Reaching pollution-free or green product standards has driven more than 1,500 farmers in the surrounding area to a well-off road, achieved zero growth in pesticides and fertilizers, and exported agricultural products in the demonstration zone to the province and beyond, expanding the brand influence of Chaohu agricultural products.

   Next, Chaohu City Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out”standardization + agriculture” activities, deepen Chaohu’s agricultural standardization system, improve the quality of Chaohu’s characteristic agricultural products, and give full play to standardization in service An important role in the”Three Rurals” to help the Chaohu village revitalization strategy.