Special enforcement actions on counterfeit and inferior food in the agricultural and pastoral areas of Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province have achieved results
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   Since the launch of the special law enforcement action on counterfeit and shoddy food in agricultural and pastoral areas, Qinghai Hainan Prefecture’s market supervision, public security, agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and information, supply and marketing departments have unified thinking and careful Deploy, consolidate responsibilities, highlight key points, and carry out special law enforcement actions on counterfeit and shoddy food in agricultural and pastoral areas, effectively rectify counterfeit and shoddy food, and further standardize and purify food markets in agricultural and pastoral areas.

   Strengthen responsibilities and carefully arrange deployment. Convene a special law enforcement action deployment meeting to learn and understand the spirit of the relevant documents of the special law enforcement work on counterfeit and inferior food in the agricultural and pastoral areas of the province, report on the food safety rectification situation in the agricultural and pastoral areas of the state, exchange the food safety governance experience of various departments in the agricultural and pastoral areas, and clarify the rectification goals And focus. Issued the”Implementation Plan on Jointly Carrying out Special Law Enforcement Actions on Counterfeit and Inferior Food in Agricultural and Pastoral Areas”, set up a special rectification working group, allocate full-time contacts, clarify work responsibilities, refine work measures, comprehensively sort out the list of outstanding food safety issues in agricultural and pastoral areas, and adapt to local conditions Determine the work plan to ensure the implementation of”all aspects” of the special rectification work.

   Strengthen publicity and raise awareness of food safety. In order to make the special rectification action on food safety in agricultural and pastoral areas well-known and well-known to everyone, form a high-pressure situation to severely crack down on counterfeit and inferior food in agricultural and pastoral markets, and effectively ensure food safety in agricultural and pastoral areas, and distribute food to key objects, key regions and key markets Brochures about relevant knowledge and laws and regulations, publish telephone numbers for complaints such as 12315, 12316, and raise public awareness of prevention and encourage the public to report violations of laws and regulations; 16 trainings for food producers and operators, 36 centralized and point-to-point publicity activities, and distribution More than 4800 promotional materials. At the same time, 11 consumer warnings, 2 warning open letters, and 2 announcements were issued on TV stations, Hainan News, and WeChat public accounts, with more than 17,000 hits.

   clarify key points and strengthen supervision and law enforcement. Go deep into key objects, focus on key categories, and key violations of laws and regulations. Through unannounced investigations, visits, and surprise inspections, we will severely punish and punish, speak out, and form a deterrent. We will comprehensively sort out and analyze the clues that people have reported and work. Organize and carry out special actions. Keep a close eye on source governance. Carry out dragnet investigation and crack down on all kinds of agricultural input product market operators throughout the prefecture, focus on tracking and remediation of vegetable bases, and resolutely prohibit the use of high-toxic and high-residue pesticides. Efforts will be made to effectively rectify banned drugs such as feed veterinary drugs and”clenbuterol”, and strictly implement quarantine before the hurdle, certificate issuance before the hurdle, and the harmless treatment of sick and dead animals and products. Strengthen the management of designated slaughterhouses for live pigs, intensify the rectification of illegal slaughter, strict quarantine procedures, and crack down on illegal sales of unquarantined or unqualified meat products to ensure the safety of meat products. Strengthen the supervision of production and processing links. With grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, soy products, aquatic products and other foods as the key varieties, with agricultural and pastoral areas, and urban-rural areas as the key areas, a special action team is formed to severely investigate and crack down on the production of counterfeit and inferior foods. The behavior of adulterating, pretending to be genuine, substandard food, and pretending to be qualified food with substandard food. Pay close attention to the safety of food circulation. Strictly implement the main responsibility of food business, and focus on investigating and punishing high-risk places such as small food processing workshops, wholesale markets, township market markets, primary and secondary school campuses in agricultural and pastoral areas and surrounding food operators, school canteens, and collective meals in agricultural and pastoral areas. Confiscated”five no” foods without manufacturers, production dates, expiration dates, food production licenses, and food labels, and investigate and punish production and operation activities such as unlicensed, unlicensed, unlawful sources, and abuse of food additives in violation of regulations. So far, the prefecture has dispatched 238 law enforcement personnel to inspect 188 food production entities, 1935 food business entities, 28 bazaars, shopping malls and other various markets, 145 batches of food, and confiscated counterfeit and inferior foods. 658.5 kilograms, 14 cases of counterfeit and inferior food were investigated and dealt with, and the amount of fines and confiscated was 178,400 yuan.