South Korea’s online food shopping transactions increase by more than 60%in 2020
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   Yonhap News Agency, Seoul, February 15 According to reports from the Korea Statistics Office and the food industry on the 15th, the value of food online shopping in South Korea last year was 43.4 trillion won (approximately RMB 251.886 billion), a year-on-year increase of 62.4%.

   With the prolonged epidemic of the epidemic, food consumers have become more inclined to non-contact consumption, which has promoted a substantial increase in online shopping transactions. Specifically, catering service transactions increased by 78.6%year-on-year to 17.4 trillion won; agricultural and sideline products transactions increased by 71.4%to 6.1 trillion won; food and beverage transactions increased by 48.3%to 19.9 trillion won. In terms of transaction methods, the mobile terminal transaction volume increased by 70%year-on-year to 35.1 trillion won; the PC terminal transaction volume increased by 36.5%to 8.3 trillion won.
   On the other hand, major food manufacturers are also striving to cater to the development trend of non-contact consumption. New World Foods plans to increase the types of small-package meat convenience foods sold online this year; Dongwon Group has integrated its online sales department; South Korea’s Yakult launched an upgraded online online shopping platform”Fredit” in December last year to sell milk. Products, health products, fresh food, cosmetics and daily necessities. (End)