South Korean government plans to import 44 million eggs within a month to ensure stable supply
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    Yonhap News Agency, Sejong, February 3, South Korea’s Ministry of Planning and Finance (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Planning) held a meeting with relevant departments on the 3rd to discuss plans for stabilizing the price of New Year’s goods, and decided to import 24 million eggs from after the Spring Festival holiday to the end of this month. The government recently stated that it will import 20 million eggs before the Spring Festival. Therefore, the government plans to import a total of 44 million eggs by the end of February.

   Recently, the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza in South Korea has led to an increase in the number of laying hens culled. Affected by this, egg prices have remained high. According to statistics, as of January 29, the retail price of a tray of eggs (30 pieces) was 7,350 won (approximately RMB 42.3), up 97 won from the previous day.
  The Planning Department plans to establish an official-civilian joint consultation mechanism with relevant departments to centrally inspect the entire circulation process such as import customs clearance and packaging to ensure the rapid import and supply of eggs. If bird flu causes the shortage of eggs to worsen, the Planning Department will increase the number of eggs imported.
   In addition, the Planning Department plans to increase the supply of apples and pears to 2.1 times and 1.9 times, respectively, and jointly run price stability teams with local governments to severely disrupt the order of circulation. (End)