South Korea recalls probe thermometers and salinity meters for food that have not been declared for import
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  Food Partner Network News On February 9, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea issued a message saying that four Korean import companies sell probe thermometers for food that have not been declared for food use. And salinity meter, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety ordered it to stop selling and recall the product.
  Recall objects:4 food probe thermometers and 1 salinity meter imported and sold by 4 import companies. Among them, including 7 Chinese companies (DRETEC CO, LTD, ZHONG SHAN HYPERDA TECHNOLOGY, ELECTRonIC TEMPERATURE INSTRUMENTS LTD, FU YUAN COTRonIC TECHNOLOGY SHENZHEN LTD, DATRON ELECTRonIC CO LTD, Probe thermometers produced by EMATE ELECTRonICS CO LIMITED, TESTO SE & CO KGAA) and salinity meters produced by a Chinese company (DRETEC CO, LTD).
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