South Korea investigates 30 kinds of dried seaweed products with sweetener detected on the Internet
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  Food Partner Network News On February 26, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) issued a message saying:The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has conducted inspections on 128 kinds of dried laver products, and the results showed that the number was 30 The sweetener, sodium saccharin, was detected in various products, and measures were taken to prohibit sales and recall of related products. It plans to investigate and punish related companies on the grounds of violating the Food Sanitation Law.
   In South Korea, although sodium saccharin is a food additive, the regulations stipulate that sodium saccharin cannot be used in natural aquatic products. Some dried seaweed manufacturers use sodium saccharin for flavoring, but claim that the products they produce are natural seaweed.
  The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea stated that it will continue to conduct random inspections of dried seaweed products in the future, and make every effort to establish a sound distribution order.
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