South Korea assists Myanmar to build an agricultural product market center in Naypyidaw
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According to a report by the “Seventh News” of Myanmar on January 20, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Myanmar announced that South Korea will assist in the construction of a USD 8.37 million agricultural product market center in Nay Pyi Taw. The project started on January 20. ceremony.

  Myanmar’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, U Myu Dingtun, said that Myanmar has launched the project to focus on finding new agricultural products markets and accelerating market circulation. The project is jointly organized by the Korea International Cooperative and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. Cooperative implementation.
  According to the announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Myanmar, with the assistance of South Korea, Myanmar will build an agricultural product processing center in Heihe Town, Shan State. After the project is completed, it will provide farmers with agricultural product market information, stable market, and advanced The harvesting technology and product standards, and the production of safe agricultural products through food safety inspections. The agricultural product processing center project will classify, classify, package, standard, brand, and refrigerate agricultural products. By improving the infrastructure of the cold storage, the marketing department provides market information , Including the issuance of product standards and certifications, and the farmers themselves negotiate and sell them.