Small strawberries go to the big market
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   On February 8, under the supervision of Dadonggang Customs, Dalian Customs, another batch of fresh strawberries was successfully exported after passing the quarantine.

  ” Since the New Year, the Dandong area has continued to cool down. The transportation and preservation of fresh strawberries for export has always been a headache and trouble for enterprises. At the same time, foreign technical trade measures are also Important factors affecting the export of agricultural products, so we also need to have a detailed grasp of the policies and standards of the exporting countries.”Introduced by the person in charge of the Dandong Shengye Berry Cooperative,” Dadong Port Customs has created an exclusive customs clearance program based on the characteristics of fresh strawberries. Our company has injected a’cardiotonic agent’.”

   In order to ensure the smooth export of fresh strawberry fruits in its jurisdiction, Dadonggang Customs has allocated key business backbones to establish a mechanism for supporting technical trade measures for key export enterprises. According to the testing, certification, and agricultural Technical regulations and standards such as residue limits, strengthen policy preaching and measure interpretation, and provide early warning services for enterprises in a timely manner. Go deep into the enterprise, further understand the export needs of the enterprise, make suggestions for improvement of equipment and facilities, and assist the enterprise in improving the quality management system. At the same time, at the customs clearance level, Dadonggang Customs has adopted the strategy of “emergency and special affairs”. Aiming at the characteristics of “urgent transportation” of fresh strawberries, it uses the “7*24 hours” work model and opens up green channels for agricultural products. When the fresh agricultural products are reported and inspected, they will”pass customs in seconds”, and make every effort to reduce the length of customs clearance.

  According to statistics, in January this year, Dadonggang Customs has supervised 30 batches of fresh strawberries for export, with a value of RMB 1.913 million.