Siping City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection of”New Year’s Eve” food safety
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   In order to strengthen the food safety supervision of the catering during the Spring Festival, especially the New Year’s Eve dinner, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Food Safety Management of the New Year’s Eve Dinner for Catering Units” to require catering service units throughout the city Strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively prevent the risk of epidemic input; strictly control the purchase and inspection of food raw materials, implement the system of requesting certificates and invoices and purchase inspection; strictly regulate the processing and production, and implement the requirements of the”Food Safety Operation Specification for Catering Services”. Remind the city’s catering service consumers to choose catering units with epidemic prevention and control and food safety regulations, and advocate the use of public chopsticks and spoons, order small dishes, and pack the remaining dishes to avoid food waste. Consciously comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, civilized meals, etc., if any food safety violations are found, they will promptly call 12315 for complaints.
   At the same time, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau concentrated on the food safety supervision and sampling during the Spring Festival period, urged the New Year’s Eve catering units to implement various food safety management systems, and organized the quick inspection personnel to purchase fresh food from the New Year’s Eve catering units. Meat, aquatic products, vegetables and other food materials are tested for food safety quickly. A total of 174 inspectors were dispatched, 221 catering units were inspected, and 38 batches of food safety rapid inspections were carried out. During the inspection, the records of the purchase ledger were incomplete, the finished products and semi-finished products were mixed, and the food was processed not in accordance with the food safety practices. Violations were immediately proposed for rectification on the spot, and the rectification was supervised in place, and practical actions were taken to protect the food safety of the masses during the festival.