Sharing the experience of innovation alliances and discussing the transformation of the global food system
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   On February 4th, Mei Xurong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was invited to attend the conference organized by the French Institute of Agriculture and Environment (INRAE) and the French International Agricultural Development Research Center. (CIRAD), Consultative Organization for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and other 8 units jointly organized the”Science and Policy Dialogue:Accelerating the Transformation of Food System” online conference. The conference focused on three themes of scientific insight, food system, and science and policy dialogue, with the aim of supporting the United Nations Food System Summit in 2021.

   Mei Xurong gave a speech on the theme of”Scientific Insights—Building Efficient Alliances” at the meeting, introducing the experience of the establishment and development of my country’s National Agricultural Technology Innovation Alliance. He said that building innovative and efficient alliances is an important link in the transformation and upgrading of the food system. Regional and international alliances must focus on key tasks and objectives, adhere to problem-oriented and industry-oriented, coordinate resources, establish and improve cooperation mechanisms, and take the initiative to act. Make positive contributions to the transformation of the food system.

  FAO Director-General, IFAD Chairman, UN Food System Summit Special Envoy and more than 300 people attended the meeting online.