Shaoxing City Market Supervision Bureau made three efforts to carry out special enforcement of rural counterfeit and shoddy food
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   The Shaoxing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau earnestly implements the decisions and deployments of the General Administration and the Provincial Bureau, insists on a high position, strengthens political responsibility, and solidly promotes rural counterfeiting with”three points of effort” The special action on fake and inferior food has achieved certain results. Since the action, a total of 669 cases of counterfeit and inferior food have been investigated and handled in the city, with a fine of 2.8841 million yuan, and 4 cases have been transferred to the police.

  1. Work together to investigate the source clues in depth

   adopts horizontal and vertical linkage to actively strengthen law enforcement cooperation with public security, agriculture and rural areas, commerce and other departments, and use the market supervision platform for the whole subject grid,”one school The four-member” agricultural and rural grassroots stations and other forces have carried out investigations on food safety violation clues in key areas such as rural areas, urban-rural junctions, schools and other key areas, farmer markets, small restaurants, small supermarkets, small shops, etc. Criminal cases are requested by the police to intervene in advance to launch a joint attack. The Zhuji Bureau and the Public Security Bureau successfully cracked an inter-provincial counterfeit case of”Moutai” and”Wuliangye” liquor, involving more than 50,000 yuan. The parties involved have been subjected to criminal compulsory measures according to law.

  Second, make precise efforts to crack down on illegal activities

   According to the consumption characteristics of the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holiday, combined with cold chain physical prevention and health food special law enforcement, we will severely crack down on the addition of non-edible substances in food and the operation without inspection and quarantine. The masses of the people hate illegal behaviors, such as meat products, selling”exceeded shelf life” foods. Since the action, a total of 112 cases of production and operation of expired food and”three noes” food have been investigated and handled; 59 cases of adding non-edible substances to food; 32 cases of production and operation of inferior food,”counterfeit” or trademark infringing food; food used in excess of the limit Additives from 29. Among them, Zhejiang Meikemeifu Food Co., Ltd. was investigated and punished for the use of corrupted and moldy food ingredients to produce food, and was fined 145,000 yuan; Zhuji Sun Health Food Store sold imported cold chain food without”three certificates and one code” punishment The model is 115035 yuan.

   3. Propaganda assists, comprehensive establishment of legislative authority

   Actively strengthen communication and collaboration with the news media, carefully plan, formulate and implement a publicity plan, and use various channels such as press conferences, official website, WeChat public account to give play to publicity and guidance effect. On January 27, a special news conference was held in the city to report the ten major food violation cases investigated and dealt with. Xinhuanet, China Food Safety Net, Zhejiang News Net, Hangzhou Daily and other media reported on it, forming a strong deterrent to criminals and establishing Law enforcement authority.