Series of Guidelines on Food Safety Operation for Small and Medium Catering Merchants Released in Beijing
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   On February 24, 2021, the”Small and Medium Catering Merchants Food Safety Operation Guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as the”Series Guidelines”) compiled by Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center and Meituan was released in Beijing. Authoritative experts in the field attended the press conference.
   It is understood that the preparation of the”Series Guidelines” lasted nearly a year. Through in-depth research on the needs of catering merchants, it focused on the procurement and daily management of catering ingredients, cooking and processing of catering, cleaning and disinfection of catering, food handling personnel management, and food in the catering sector. For key links such as safety and epidemic prevention, catering and delivery, respectively, operating guidelines were prepared and operating recommendations were listed.
  Technology Center Director Zhong Kai introduced that the catering industry in China is dominated by small and medium-sized catering merchants, which are not only large in number, but also relatively weak in overall food safety management capabilities. The preparation of the”Series Guidelines” is based on regulatory documents such as the Food Safety Law and the Food Safety Practices of Catering Services, combined with the actual scenarios of small and medium-sized catering merchants, to refine the main points, emphasizing conciseness, easy-to-understand, and operability, and hope to reduce The difficulty of learning for small and medium-sized catering businesses helps them improve their awareness and basic abilities in food safety management.
  Meituan Food Safety Office Senior Director Ding Dong said that online catering services are a typical industrial Internet scenario, and online and offline are integrated rather than replace each other. Offline catering is the infrastructure of online catering. Only when offline catering becomes more standardized, can online catering food safety be better guaranteed. This time, under the guidance and support of regulatory authorities and industry experts, the”series of guidelines” were compiled, hoping to use professional strength to provide more grounded food safety solutions for small and medium catering. The State Administration of Market Supervision clearly stated in the”Action Plan for Food and Beverage Quality and Safety Improvement” that 2021 will be the”Training Year for Food and Beverage Practitioners” to strengthen the knowledge of food safety-related knowledge and comprehensively improve the quality of practitioners. Meituan’s food safety work will strictly follow the relevant requirements of the General Administration to further strengthen food safety education and training for online catering merchants. In the future, channels such as Meituan University’s School of Catering will be used to strengthen the promotion and publicity of the guidelines.
   Academician Chen Junshi pointed out that the formulation of the”Series Guidelines” is a manifestation of Meituan’s initiative to fulfill its social responsibility for food safety. Using the power of the platform to promote the improvement of the food safety management capabilities of small and medium-sized merchants can make consumers eat more at ease. In the future, it is necessary to enrich the form of promotion and implementation of the”Series Guidelines”, strengthen linkage with regulatory authorities, and linkage with the industry, so that more catering merchants can know and apply.