Sentenced for selling fried dough sticks only for illegally adding too much alum
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  ”Because I pursue interests and do not pay attention to food safety, the aluminum content in the production and sales of fried dough sticks exceeds the standard, which does not meet the national safety standards and violated the law. I hereby express my sincerity Regret and publicly apologize, and promise to strictly abide by laws and regulations in the future, and be a good citizen who abides by the law.” On February 4, 2021, the production and sales of food that did not meet safety standards were taken by Xialu District, Huangshi City, Hubei Province. Wang, who filed a criminal with civil public interest lawsuit by the People’s Procuratorate, publicly apologized to consumers in the”Huangshi Daily”.

   Since 2013, Wang and her husband have been operating a breakfast shop, producing and selling breakfast foods such as fried dough sticks. In order to make fried dough sticks look good and delicious, she followed the methods taught by others, Excessive addition of alum (chemical name ammonium aluminum sulfate) in the production of fried dough sticks. In April 2017, the Xialu District Food and Drug Administration informed Wang of the relevant national regulations on aluminum-containing food additives. Wang knew that the aluminum content of making fried dough sticks should be controlled within 100mg/kg. Manufacture and sale of fritters with excessive aluminum content. In July and August 2018, the Huangshi City Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Xialu District Food and Drug Administration conducted open and unannounced visits to the breakfast shop operated by Wang, and the two times detected that the aluminum content of Wang’s fried dough sticks was as high as 989mg. /kg, 719mg/kg, seriously exceeding the national food safety regulations.

   According to the”National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Use Standard”, when making fried dough sticks, alum (chemical name aluminum ammonium sulfate) can be used as an additive, but aluminum The residual amount should be less than or equal to 100mg/kg. According to the results of random inspection by the Food and Drug Administration of Xialu District, the aluminum content of a fried dough stick produced and sold by Wang’s breakfast shop is 61.1mg, which is 3.56 times the safe intake, and the aluminum content seriously exceeds the national standard. It is understood that an adult weighing 60 kg ingests no more than 120 mg of aluminum per week (an average of no more than 17.14 mg per day). Excessive consumption may cause other serious food-borne diseases.

Although    Wang’s behavior occurred before 2018, he has not been compensated for the social welfare damage caused by his production and sales of food that does not meet the safety standards, and so far So far, there are still some early operators in Huangshi who are making and selling fried dough sticks with excessive aluminum content. When reviewing the case, the prosecutors of the People’s Procuratorate of Xialu District believed that while prosecuting Wang’s criminal responsibility, he should also bear corresponding tort liability. So he decided to file a criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit to the court to educate himself and warn others. On February 1, the court sentenced Wang to detention for three months, suspended for six months, and fined 1,000 yuan for the crime of producing and selling food that did not meet safety standards. At the same time, he sentenced Wang to prohibit food from engaging in food during the probation period. Production, sales and related activities, and a public apology in the municipal media of Huangshi City.