Seize 2023 bottles! Taishun County Market Supervision Bureau launched a special campaign to combat counterfeit liquor, escorting consumer safety before the holiday
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   The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to maintain market order during the two festivals and create a safe and secure consumer environment, the County Market Supervision Bureau has recently launched a unified action against illegal and criminal activities in the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas based on the clues of the report.

   At the scene of the operation, 2023 bottles of fake liquor of a well-known brand were seized, which effectively deterred criminals and purified the pre-holiday liquor market environment.

   The batch of fake liquor is highly simulated, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the action and accurately crack down on illegal activities, the county market supervision bureau formulated a special law enforcement action plan, held a special deployment meeting, and invited the liquor manufacturer’s technical staff to introduce the method of distinguishing true and false liquor.

   On February 2, the County Market Supervision Bureau and the liquor brand appraisal party went to more than 10 towns in our county, including Luoyang, Sixi, Pengxi, and Guihu. Simultaneously launching actions to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the planned 109 key inspection targets.

   A total of 187 law enforcement officers and 12 law enforcement vehicles were dispatched in this law enforcement operation, and 2,023 bottles of counterfeit liquor were seized on the spot, with a total value of 31138 yuan, and 37 companies were suspected Business entities selling counterfeit liquor shall be investigated and dealt with. Currently, related cases are under further investigation.