Russian Fisheries Agency:Russia may reduce 300,000 tons of mentai catches due to China’s port closure
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    Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, February 10th. The Russian Federal Fisheries Agency announced that due to China’s anti-epidemic measures to close ports for Russian fishery exports, Russia’s fish catch may be reduced by 300,000 tons.

   Ilya Shestakov, Director of the Agency, stated that Russia has not yet received instructions from China on the procedures and inspection methods for the detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid in fish packaging. He said that the Department of Fisheries has made recommendations to the industry to conduct vaccinations and tests for the new crown virus on crew members and disinfect the production and storage locations of fishery products, but Chinese ports are still closed to Russian exporters.
   The Fisheries Agency pointed out that the issue has been discussed at a meeting chaired by Yuri Trutnev, the plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the Far Eastern Federal District.
   The report quoted Shestakov as saying:”The catch of mentai in winter and spring may drop by 300,000 tons, but this situation is not critical for fishery companies. Companies have sufficient affordability to switch temporarily. Catch other products.”
  The measures taken to change this situation include continuing to build fishery processing plants in the Far East and opening up markets in other countries to supply domestic products for storage and processing. The news pointed out that the Japanese market is currently the most promising, and its idle refrigeration capacity can meet the transshipment of 60,000 tons of products.