Russia lifts tomato import ban on Kazakhstan companies
By: Date: 2021-02-07 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
Interfax News Agency, Moscow, February 5, according to the Russian Animal and Plant Health Supervision Agency, it has decided to dissolve Eurasian Green Products Company, Eco Farmland Co., Ltd., Enigma Investment Co., Ltd., and Arna Co., Ltd. from February 9, 2021. The company, BPBAPK Co., Ltd. and other five Kazakh companies have banned the import of tomatoes, all of which are located in Almaty Region and Almaty City. The Russian decision was made on the basis of investigation and analysis of relevant enterprise inspection and quarantine measures submitted by the National Supervision Committee of the Agricultural and Industrial Complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan. The National Supervision Committee of the Harbin Agricultural and Industrial Complex will provide guarantees for the export of tomatoes by the above-mentioned enterprises.

   In December 2020, the Russian Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service announced that from January 18, 2020, the import of tomatoes and tomatoes from the Aktobe and Almaty regions of Kazakhstan will be restricted on the grounds of the discovery of the brown wrinkle fruit virus. chili. After negotiations, Russia has previously lifted the import ban on Aktobe companies. (Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy in Kazakhstan)