Quanzhou:Strictly control the four gates, and the market supervision department guards the safety of the tongue
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   The Spring Festival is approaching, and the catering service industry has entered a period of peak consumption and high risk. The Quanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau strictly controls the”four gates” and urges catering service units to implement The main responsibility for food safety and epidemic prevention and control is to ensure food safety during the holiday season.

   One is to strictly control the procurement of raw materials. Supervise and urge catering service business units to implement the obligations of purchase inspection and ticket request, and strictly inspect the customs declaration form, inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test negative certificate and disinfection certificate provided by the superior supplier. The second is to strictly control the processing and use of raw materials. Supervise and urge catering service units to strictly abide by the”Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic of Imported Cold Chain Food in Fujian Province” and the”Code of Practice for Food Safety in Catering Services.” The third is to strictly control daily supervision and management. All localities are required to intensify their efforts to investigate and deal with the law, and severely investigate and deal with a number of illegal cases involving failure to fulfill the requirements of purchase inspection and epidemic prevention and control in the catering process. The fourth is to strictly control group dinners. Strictly abide by the”Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Epidemic in Quanzhou Catering Service Units During the Winter, Next Spring and the Spring Festival”, strengthen the epidemic prevention measures in public places in the catering link, and promptly investigate and deal with violations of the organization of group dinners with more than 50 people.

  Counties (cities, districts) responded positively, immediately organized law enforcement personnel to sink to the front line, and made every effort to carry out the inspection of food safety and epidemic prevention and control risks during the festival during the festival the work.

   Among them, the Jinjiang Bureau strengthened the management of collective meals in rural areas, gave full play to the role of village (community) food safety coordinators, and mobilized to cancel clan gatherings, ancestor worship, temple fairs, etc. All kinds of large-scale non-governmental dinner gatherings, and gatherings with more than 50 people are completely prohibited. Take the township (street) as the unit, establish and improve the database of foreign catering practitioners, and organize responsibility interviews. Carry out the supervision and inspection of the epidemic prevention and control of catering service establishments, adopt sealing measures for illegal group gatherings of more than 50 people, and order the suspension of business for rectification.

  Shishi Bureau cooperates with township (sub-district) government, public security and other departments to conduct inspections on the food safety of hotel catering services and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the online and offline promotion will be synchronized. The online WeChat group, the bureau WeChat official account and other media will issue epidemic consumption warnings and imported cold chain food supervision policies, and implement online interviews for catering units that purchase imported cold chain food. We strengthened offline propaganda and guidance in stores, strengthened supervision, and took multiple measures to build a strong epidemic prevention and control barrier.

   Hui’an Bureau conducts an administrative interview with the online food ordering platform, focusing on the”Guidelines for the Health Protection of New Crown Pneumonia Epidemics for Food Delivery and Express Workers” and”Food Safety in Online Catering Services” The “Supervision and Management Measures” strengthened training, urged the meal ordering platform to strictly abide by various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and formulate emergency plans for prevention and control. Do a good job in daily disinfection of take-out and delivery equipment, and strictly implement the delivery staff’s health management and daily disinfection system.

   Nan’an Bureau conducts random inspections of catering service units, and urges catering business entities to accept the supervision of the public, industry associations and media. On the day when the”Provisions on Wearing Masks by Food Service Practitioners in Fujian Province” were formally implemented, the city’s first”Notice of Ordering Corrections” and the first”Punishment on the Spot” were issued to practitioners engaged in direct contact with imported food who did not wear masks as required. Decision”.

  Quangang Bureau investigates and registers catering service units that can accommodate more than 50 people one by one, and distributes the”Instructions for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Catering Service Units”, and according to Catering business units have special business hours and peak flow of people, and carry out special inspections for night catering service units, focusing on monitoring whether catering business units have implemented control measures such as temperature measurement of the group of people entering the store, health code inspection, and mask wearing.

   Yongchun Bureau interviewed the members of the local caterers association, issued the”Proposal of the caterer association”, proposed to suspend the accepting of caterers, and guided the members of the caterer association to do it during the epidemic Good health management and personal protection work. Promulgated the”Yongchun County Imported Cold Chain Food Epidemic Prevention and Control Reporting Reward Measures” to severely crack down on evading supervision of imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control in production, processing, sales, and catering services, and mobilize social forces to participate in prevention, control and supervision.

  Fortze Bureau supervises and guides companies to fulfill their main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, interviews large-scale catering service units, signs a commitment letter for gathering activities, and has jurisdiction over Youde Hotel and Qianxi Large hotels such as Huihui, Binhai Hotel, Yuehua Hotel, R&F Wanda Vista Hotel, Carp Wine Feast, Carp Wine Feast and other large hotels have cancelled nearly 230 events for more than 50 people, and cancelled about 5,500 tables.

   Luojiang Bureau distributes personnel registration forms and on-site registration through WeChat groups, organizes law enforcement personnel to register and register catering practitioners, and report to the District CDC Nucleic acid detection is performed every 15th. Continue to strengthen the catering of imported cold chain foods, and file an investigation on a business household that sells illegally imported cold chain foods.

   Taiwan Business Bureau issued the”Prevention and Control Instructions for Enterprises (Individual Business Households) Epidemic Prevention and Control” and signed the”Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment in Quanzhou” with small restaurants and other”five small” business units District”Five Small” Business Households’ Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Responsibility Certificate”, urges catering service units to implement the main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control and food safety.

   In the next stage, the Quanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to intensify supervision and inspection, strengthen the “dual defense line” of the epidemic and food safety, and ensure that responsibilities are in place and practical Ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the masses.