Professor Wei Zhaojun’s team from Northern University for Nationalities published a review in top international food journals
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   [This site news] Recently, the team of Professor Wei Zhaojun from Northern University for Nationalities published an online title”Exploration of walnut components and their association with health effects” in the top international food journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition This review systematically expounds the latest research progress on the functional components of walnuts and their effects on human health. Dr. Ni Zhijing from Northern University for Nationalities and Master’s student Zhang Yige from Hefei University of Technology are the co-first authors; Professor Wei Zhaojun and Dr. Shang Yafang from Northern University for Nationalities/Hefei University of Technology are the corresponding authors of this article.
  The nutritional and functional properties of walnuts have always been recognized in the industry and occupy a vital position in the functional food market. In recent years, the use of the nutritional properties and health-promoting effects of walnuts and the lipid properties of walnuts have attracted wide attention from scientists. Researchers clarified the physiological functions of polyphenols and vitamins in different parts of walnut flowers, epidermis and nuts. There are also numerous reports on the effects of eating walnuts on a series of diseases (including cancer, enteric malnutrition, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases).
  The article reviews the latest research results on the composition, classification, extraction methods, in vivo and clinical functions of different parts of walnut. It is concluded that eating foods rich in walnuts has a significant improvement effect on chronic diseases, and the mechanism is that the different components of walnuts synergistically or independently exert their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These studies will open up new ways to improve the impact of walnuts on human health and speed up the development and utilization of walnuts in functional foods.
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