Paraguay’s poultry export volume and export value both fell in January
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  The latest report released by the National Meat Quality and Animal Health Administration of Paraguay (Senacsa) shows that Paraguay’s exports of poultry products in January fell year-on-year, including poultry, offal, neck, and claws.

   website”aviNews” reported on February 15 that data from Paraguay Senacsa showed that Paraguayan poultry products exported 362,000 kilograms in January, a decrease of 7.43%from 391,000 kilograms in January last year; foreign exchange income from exports was US$206,400. A year-on-year decrease of 34.21%, the amount in the same period last year was 313,700 US dollars.
   Specifically, the decline in exports of poultry meat is the main reason for the double decline in exports of poultry products. Paraguay exported 52,000 kilograms of poultry meat in January, a decrease of 68.47%year-on-year. The export volume in the same period last year was 165,000 kilograms; the export value was 57,100 US dollars, a decrease of 75.32%from the 231,200 US dollars in January last year.
   For poultry offal, the export volume in January was 17,000 kilograms and the export value was 20,800 US dollars. However, Paraguay did not export such products in the same period last year.
   For poultry heads, necks, wings and claws, the export volume was 293,000 kg, an increase of 29.82%from 225,000 kg in January last year; the export value was US$128,500, an increase of 55.84%compared to the same period last year. $82,500.
   In addition, Mozambique and Angola were the main export destinations of Paraguayan poultry products in January, each accounting for 21%, followed by Cape Verde (14%), Russia (12%) and Haiti (10%).