Notice on Soliciting Opinions on Local Standards in Anhui Province of”Technical Specifications for Fermentation, Production and Use of Feed Bags for Meat Sheep
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All relevant units and experts:

   According to the”Notice of the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Issuing the Second Batch of Anhui Provincial Local Standards Revision Plan in 2020″ (Anhui Municipal Supervision Letter [2020] 341 No.), the”Technical Specification for Production and Use of Plastic Bag Fermentation for Meat Sheep Mixed Feed” (Project Plan No.:2020-2-26) drafted by the Anhui Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Anhui University of Science and Technology and other units has formed a draft for soliciting opinions. In accordance with the”Administrative Measures for Local Standards in Anhui Province” (Wanshi Jianfa [2019] No. 10),”Guidelines for the Establishment and Revision of Local Standards in Anhui Province” (DB 34/T 2800-2016) and other relevant regulations, we are now open for comments. If you have comments or suggestions for amendments, please fill in the”Anhui Provincial Local Standards Solicitation Form” (Annex 3), and feedback to the contact in the form of letter or E-mail before March 5, 2021. No reply will be made after the deadline. For no objection. Thank you for supporting our work.

  Contact:Hu Zhongze


   Email:[email protected]

   Mailing address:Anhui University of Science and Technology, No. 9 Donghua Road, Fucheng Town, Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province

   February 5, 2021