Notice of the Office of the Yingtan City Market Supervision Administration on Carrying out the Special Rectification of the Cleaning and Disinfection of the School Canteen and Tableware
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District (city) market supervision administrations:
  In order to implement the Food Safety Law and its implementation regulations and other relevant regulations, to implement normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements, and to combine the problems found in random inspections, to effectively strengthen the supervision and management of cleaning and disinfection of school canteens and catering to ensure the food for teachers, students and children Safety. From February 1st to the end of March, a special rectification of the cleaning and disinfection of dining utensils in school cafeterias in the city will be carried out. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
  一. Remediation goals
   Adhere to the principle of treating both symptoms and root causes, highlighting key points, and comprehensive standards, and strengthen the management of the procurement, use, cleaning, disinfection, and cleaning of school canteens. Through special rectification, further implement the main responsibility of the school, carry out self-examination and self-correction, improve the cleaning and disinfection management system of tableware, equip cleaning and disinfection equipment and facilities, strictly implement cleaning and disinfection specifications, and do not reuse disposable tableware to ensure the hygiene and safety of tableware .
  Second, rectification content
  It is important to check whether the school has established and strictly enforced the cleaning and disinfection system of tableware cleaning and disinfection by the school itself; whether the cleaning and disinfection status of tableware has been truthfully recorded:
   1. Tableware should be washed promptly after use and disinfected before use.
  2. For chemical disinfection, the disinfectant should be used and prepared, and there should be separate cleaning, disinfection and flushing special pools. All kinds of pools should be marked with obvious signs and cleaned regularly. Special pools must be used It is dedicated and must not be mixed with pools for cleaning food materials; the detergents and disinfectants used should comply with relevant national standards; when using detergents and disinfectants, they should be used in strict accordance with the required concentration of the disinfectant product instructions, and effective measures should be taken to clean , To prevent residual disinfectant.
  3. If the physical method is used for disinfection, the corresponding disinfection equipment should be equipped, and the operation of the disinfection equipment should be regularly cleaned and regularly checked. The disinfection temperature and time should meet the relevant requirements, and the capacity of the disinfection equipment should be compatible with the scale of the tableware consumption; For external disinfection, the temperature is generally controlled above 120°C and maintained for more than 10 minutes; for thermal sterilization methods such as boiling, steam, etc., it should be heated to 100°C and maintained for more than 10 minutes. When the tableware is sterilized, leave a gap to ensure that the heat can penetrate.
  4. Sealed cleaning cabinets with obvious signs should be equipped for storing sterilized tableware. The cleaning cabinets should be cleaned and maintained regularly and kept clean. No other items should be stored in the cabinet.
  3. Job requirements
   (1) Strengthen supervision and inspection. Adhere to the problem orientation, each district (city) bureau shall strengthen inspections of school cafeterias within its jurisdiction. If irregular operations are found, they shall be required to stop using them immediately, and rectification shall be in place. If rectification is not in place or the rectification is not in place after the deadline, it shall be dealt with strictly according to law.
   (2) Strengthen sampling inspection. All district (city) bureaus shall increase the supervision and sampling of catering utensils. Those who fail to pass the sampling inspection shall be dealt with in accordance with the law, and those who fail the random inspection shall be severely punished.
   (3) Strengthen publicity and guidance. Localities should give full play to the role of news media and social supervision, vigorously publicize the importance of special rectification actions for catering equipment, vigorously publicize typical experiences and practices, and timely publish and expose typical illegal cases to form an effective deterrent. At the same time, channels for complaints and reports are unblocked, opinions of the masses are widely listened to, and social governance is strengthened.
   Yingtan City Market Supervision Administration Office
   February 1, 2021