Notice of the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Carrying out the Investigation and Remediation of Food Safety Risks in Schools in the Spring of 2021
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Market Supervision Administration of each city (including Dingzhou and Xinji City), Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Xiongan New District:
   In order to effectively do a good job in food safety in the spring school, further strengthen the school food safety supervision, and ensure the health and diet safety of the teachers and students, it is decided to carry out the inspection and rectification of the food safety risks of the spring school in the province. The relevant requirements are now notified as follows:
   1. Supervise and urge schools to conduct food safety self-inspection. In accordance with the requirements of”School Food Safety and Nutrition and Health Management Regulations”, all localities shall supervise and urge schools at all levels and types within their jurisdictions to implement the main responsibility for food safety and the principal responsibility system. Food safety self-inspection, establish a self-inspection work account, and the food safety self-inspection rate should reach 100%. The self-inspection includes:whether the canteen is licensed for food business, whether the management system is implemented, whether the personnel health management is in place, whether the internal and external environmental sanitation of the canteen is clean and tidy, whether the raw material procurement, processing, and the use of food additives are standardized, and whether the cleaning and disinfection comply with the regulations. If problems and hidden dangers are found in the self-examination, all rectifications must be in place before the beginning of school; if the rectifications are not in place and there are serious problems, no meals are allowed.
   2. Carry out school food safety supervision and inspection. On the basis of self-inspection carried out by schools, local market supervision departments should implement territorial management responsibilities, increase school food safety supervision work, and carry out supervision and inspection of schools at all levels and types within their jurisdiction. The inspection should focus on primary and secondary schools in rural areas, schools implementing nutrition improvement plans, private schools, and schools that have had food safety public opinion in the past; import cold chain foods for students to drink with bulk food materials such as livestock and poultry meat and edible oil Milk, cold meat and cold dishes of colleges and universities as the key varieties; food business license, canteen food safety management system, employee management, environmental sanitation, processing operation, raw material storage, certification and ticketing, traceability system application, cleaning and disinfection, water Health and other conditions are the key content, and supervision and inspection and punishment according to law should be strengthened. Unlicensed operations, unqualified cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, use of corrupted and deteriorating food materials, poor environmental sanitation, and unqualified health examinations of employees and other violations found during inspections shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, involving crimes Yes, transferred to judicial organs.
   3. Strictly prevent food safety accidents. Local market supervision departments must monitor food safety public opinion, publicize and popularize food safety knowledge, further enhance the food safety responsibility and prevention awareness of food safety managers and employees, and promote the implementation of various food safety management systems. It is necessary to further improve the emergency response plan for food safety incidents and strictly implement the food poisoning reporting system. Once food poisoning and other sudden food safety incidents occur, they must be reported in a timely manner and handled properly. It is necessary to further do a good job in the acceptance, division, supervision, and result feedback of school food safety complaints and reports, and do a good job of receiving cases, investigating cases, and investigating results.
   The market supervision departments of each city shall promptly summarize and analyze the investigation and remediation of food safety risks in the spring school school, and before 17:00 on April 2, 2021, the local remediation work and the attached table, the main measures taken, The main existing problems and the next step of the work plan are reported to the Food Safety Assurance Department of Major Events of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau.
   Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   February 23, 2021