Notice of Shenzhen Quality Association on Soliciting Opinions on the Group Standard”Cordyceps Sinensis Lozenges”
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Dear units and experts:

   The group standard project”Cordyceps sinensis lozenge” approved in accordance with the”Shenzhen Quality Association Group Standards Management Measures” has been drafted for soliciting comments.

   In order to ensure the scientificity, rigor and applicability of the standards, we are now open for comments. All walks of life are welcome to make suggestions and comments on the content of the standards. The deadline for comments is March 9, 2021. Please be sure to leave your name, unit name and contact information in your reply, so that the drafting team can get in touch with you. Those who fail to respond to comments within the time limit shall be treated as no comments.

  Contact information:

  ”Cordyceps sinensis Lozenges” Standard Working Group

   Address:No. 4009 Xinzhou South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

   Mail box:[email protected], contact person:Li Zhiru

  Tel:0755-82712812, 13728739223

  Attachment:1.”Cordyceps sinensis lozenges” group standard (draft for comments)

  2, summary processing table for soliciting opinions