Notice of Shaoguan Quality Association on Soliciting Group Standard Participants of”Technical Regulations for Rape-Rice Rotation Production in Northern Guangdong”
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All relevant units:

   Shaoguan College in 2014″high value-added” vegetable green manure”Brassica napus planting technology application and promotion” project (2014 Shaoguan City Science and Technology Plan project approval) In the research, the”Technical Regulations for Rape-Rice Rotation Production in North Guangdong” was summarized through the application of this technology in different regions.

  In order to better apply and promote this technology, Shaoguan University Emerging Industry Research Institute proposed to Shaoguan Quality Association the”Technical Regulations for Rape-Rice Rotation Production in North Guangdong 》The group standard project application is reviewed by the Shaoguan Quality Association Expert Committee. The scientificity, advancement, adaptability, economic and social benefits of the standard meet the group standard project requirements. The application for the establishment of the group standard was officially approved by the national group standard information platform on February 5, 2021.

   is now openly soliciting the participating organizations of this group standard, and the requirements for participation are as follows:

  1. Basic conditions for participating units:develop rice, vegetable field planting, production or research and services, have a good industry reputation, and have certain standard formulation Experience and other scientific research institutions or enterprises.

  2. In the standard formulation process, the editing unit shall designate 1-2 people as the editing personnel and provide relevant information; div>

  3. When the standard is published, the editing unit and the editing staff shall sign their names in the preface of the standard in the order of agreement;

  4. Participating units need to participate in the review meeting (final release) of the standard on time, and other meetings organized by the standard preparation group can participate voluntarily;< /span>

  5. Units that intend to participate in the standard-setting work must fill in the project application form carefully, and report to Shaoguan Quality Association or Shaoguan University Emerging Industries before March 18, 2021 Research Institute.

   Shaoguan Quality Association sincerely invites your organization to participate in the preparation of the group standard of”Technical Regulations for Rape-Rice Rotation Production in Northern Guangdong”! It is hoped that relevant units will actively participate in and provide support to jointly do a good job in the formulation of the group’s standards and jointly promote the construction of agricultural industry standardization in Shaoguan City.

  Contact information:

  1, Shaoguan Quality Association

  Contact:Nie Wenbei


   Email:[email protected]

  Address:5th Floor, Union Building, No. 18 Fengdu South Road, Shaoguan City

  2, Shaoguan University Emerging Industry Research Institute

  Contact:Li Haibo


   E-mail:[email protected]

  Address:No. 288, University Road, Zhenjiang District, Shaoguan City

  Attachment:Application Form for Organization Standard Participating Unit Project

   Shaoguan Quality Association

   February 18, 2021