Notice of Shanghai Catering Industry Association on Strengthening the Current Epidemic Prevention and Control of Catering Units and Doing a Good Job in the Spring Festival Market Supply
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Presidents, standing directors, directors, and catering service units:

   Spring Festival is approaching. In order to strengthen the orderly operation of the city’s catering service units under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, to ensure the safety of catering food and market supply, Shanghai Catering & Cooking The special notice of the industry association is as follows:

  1. Seriously implement epidemic prevention and control

   It is necessary to conscientiously implement the four prevention measures of the Shanghai Leading Group Office for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Relevant regulations and requirements of the “Notice of the Guidance for Prevention and Control” (Shanghai Pneumonia Prevention and Control Office [2021] No. 4), earnestly implement the “Technical Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Catering Service Units”, conduct all-staff training, achieve step-by-step comparison, and standardize operations for all staff .

   2. Carefully organize Spring Festival supplies

   At present, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the uncertainty of market supply under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and combine with the actual operation of the catering company, take precautions and organize carefully Supply and service of catering consumption during the Spring Festival. Adhere to last year’s good practice of”not enough food in stores to make up for takeout, offline to make up for online, and food to make up for catering”, and benefit the people with healthy catering, quality catering, and green catering.

   (1) Focus on taking out catering. Under the situation where epidemic prevention requires the Chinese New Year on the spot and the Chinese New Year at home, the operation of semi-finished catering, set meals, and single products has become an important market to meet the needs of citizens for catering. All units must actively organize online and offline interactive sales under the premise of ensuring food safety, so as to prosper the Shanghai Spring Festival catering market.

   (2) Create a healthy and auspicious New Year’s Eve dinner and festival. In accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention regulations, we must do a good job in the operation and service of the New Year’s Eve dinner. Under certain circumstances, consumers are allowed to pack or unsubscribe, and the meal sharing system and common chopsticks and spoon services are in place to create an auspicious and festive environment for stores.

   3. Management is implemented in place

   (1) The responsibility is to the person. According to the regulation that the person in charge of the catering service unit is the first person responsible for epidemic prevention and control, various epidemic prevention and control measures must be implemented, and the responsibility shall be assigned to the person. It is found that the state has an emergency response mechanism.

  (2) Specification implementation. Based on the implementation of the”Technical Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Catering Service Units”, all staff should be trained to ensure that all staff are implemented in a standardized manner.

   (3) celebrate the festival on the spot. The association advocates that employees in the catering industry celebrate the New Year on the spot, and enterprises should take the initiative to guide them, especially for foreign employees who stay in the hotel, pay more attention to care and provide warmth.

   In short, all units must be prepared and implement measures to ensure their epidemic prevention and control, food safety, fire safety, and comprehensive management safety during the Spring Festival. For such unsafe factors, in case of emergency response, it must be sensitive, rapid, and effective to ensure that healthy, safe, and peaceful catering operations and services are provided to citizens.