Notice of China Green Food Development Center on Issuing the Sampling Inspection Plan for Geographical Indication Products of Green Food and Agricultural Products in 2021 (Zhonglv Biao [2021] No. 17)
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Related monitoring agencies and provincial working agencies:

   In order to strengthen the quality tracking and inspection of green food and agricultural geographical indication products, and to ensure the safety and reliability of quality, our center has formulated a product sampling and monitoring plan for 2021. Now it is issued to you, please implement as required.

   1. General requirements for product sampling

   (1) In 2021, it is planned to sample 3000 green food products and 32 agricultural products geographical indication products.

   (2) After receiving the notice, all relevant units shall follow the”2021 Green Food Sampling Inspection Area Plan” (Annex 1) and”2021 Agricultural Geographical Indications” Monitoring Implementation Plan (Annex 5), strengthen cooperation and coordination, and jointly complete product sampling and monitoring plans. All relevant units must know in advance the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the area they visit, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations of the area where they are located, protect their own health and safety, and ensure the completion of work tasks.

   (3) The monitoring agency that undertakes the task of product sampling must follow the types and types of sampling products determined in the”2021 Green Food Sampling Type and Quantity Plan” (Annex 2) The quantity shall be inspected, and the products shall not exceed the planned inspection without the approval of the center.

   (4) Relevant monitoring agencies shall promptly send one copy of the”Inspection Report” for product sampling inspection to the relevant office of our center, and the province (city) where the inspected company is located , District) Green Office (center) 1 copy, 1 copy for the inspected product manufacturer. The”Inspection Report” for substandard products should be sent within 2 working days after the inspection is completed. Green food”inspection report” is sent to the label management office, and agricultural product geographical indication product”inspection report” is sent to the geographical indication office.

   2. Specific requirements for product sampling

   (1) Sampling inspection requirements for green food products

  1. The specific test items and judgment basis for green food products shall be implemented in accordance with the”2021 Green Food Product Quality Sampling Inspection Plan Items and Judgment Basis” (see Annex 3 for details).

  2. The monitoring agency shall not sample the products with the green food label validity period of less than 3 months (products expired 90 days after the sampling date), and the same company’s The series of green food products shall not exceed 2 samples.

  3. In order to standardize the effective use of the”inspection report” and timely and accurately deal with unqualified products, the green food must be marked in the remarks column of the”inspection report” The product number, the”inspection report” does not need to attach the product”sampling sheet”.

   Starting from 2021, the “Inspection Type” column on the cover of the “Inspection Report” for green food products will be filled with “Entrusted Random Inspection”.

   4. Market sampling continues to implement the sample review system. After sampling, each monitoring agency must fill in the”2021 Green Food Sampling Product Summary (Sample Approval) Form” (Annex 4) and send it to the designated mailbox of the Identification Management Office ([email protected]) for review as required. Products are not allowed to be inspected. The samples taken in the enterprise or production base do not need to be reviewed by the center.

  5. The mobile sampling inspection plan shall be determined by the monitoring agency and the relevant green office jointly to determine the product varieties and sampling methods.

  Tel:010-59193665, Contact:Li Jian

   (2) Monitoring requirements for geographical indications of agricultural products

  The sampling inspection requirements for geographical indications of agricultural products shall be implemented in accordance with the Implementation Plan for Monitoring of Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products in 2021 (Annex 5).

  Tel:010-59193673, contact person:Gong Fengying

  3. The time and method of product sampling summary report

  Relevant monitoring agencies should submit relevant product sampling summary reports before November 25, 2021. The specific reporting method is as follows:

  1. Email the”2021 Green Food Product Sampling Inspection Summary Report” and the”2021 Green Food Sampling Product Summary Table” (format content is the same as Annex 4) Send to the logo management office.

  2. Send the”2021 Agricultural Geographical Indication Monitoring Results Analysis Report” to the Geographical Indication Office.

  4. Product sampling arranged by provincial-level agencies

  1. The provincial and municipal work agencies should combine the center’s product sampling inspection plan, rationally arrange self-raised funds, improve the efficiency of fund use, and expand the types of sampling products and primary products Coverage rate, and deal with unqualified products in a timely manner according to prescribed procedures.

  2.”Inspection Report” used for the renewal of green food products, product inspection items and judgment basis shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of Annex 3 of this”Notice”.

  3. Product sampling summary shall be submitted to the Center’s Identification Management Office and Geographical Indication Office before November 25, 2021.

   is hereby notified.

  China Green Food Development Center

   February 8, 2021