Nichino America cooperates with Cohort Wholesale to launch a new fungicide Gatten (flutianil) in Canada
By: Date: 2021-02-27 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: , report:Recently, Nichino America and Cohort Wholesale announced an agreement for Cohort Wholesale to distribute the fungicide Gatten®.

  Gatten is a new fungicide with a unique mode of action, which can prevent powdery mildew on cherries, gourds and grapes. The active ingredient flutianil in Gatten can inhibit powdery mildew pathogens from absorbing nutrients from the host plant, preventing the bacteria from growing and breeding. The product inhibits the formation of secondary hyphae, limits the development and spread of active spores, and helps to break the life cycle of the disease. In addition, Gatten conducts on the surface of the leaf (especially in the dense canopy), which is more protective and controllable.
  Gatten’s registration application has been submitted to the Pest Management Agency (PMRA) and is expected to be registered before the 2022 planting season. To provide support for the introduction of Gatten in Canada, Cohort Wholesale has established a local research-scale efficacy demonstration test field in major cherry and grape growing areas in Canada in 2020.