New standards are added to the brand management and evaluation system of Zhejiang”PinziBao”
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  , which lasted for two years, was developed by the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau. The third part of the”Pin ZiBao” Brand Management and Evaluation Specification:”Pin ZiBao Zhejiang Service”Brand Evaluation Requirements” provincial-level local standards were officially released on January 21 and will be implemented on February 21.

   The standard is based on the principles of”Pin Zi Biao” Brand Management and Evaluation Specification Part 1:Management Requirements, combined with the characteristics of the service industry and new models , New business format development trend, customer satisfaction-oriented, focusing on the whole process of service, stipulating the basis and model of brand recognition, basic requirements of service organization, management system, service management evaluation and continuous improvement, etc., emphasizing service quality control and service System construction, model innovation, and demonstration drive and other extended benefits.

   This standard is an important part of our province’s”Pin ZiBao” brand management and evaluation series standards, and fills up the”Pin ZiBao” evaluation management in the service sector in our province The blank of the standard will provide the basis and guidance for the formulation of the”Pinzimark” group standards in each subdivision of service areas, and the self-declaration and third-party evaluation of the”Pinzimark service” application entities. The issuance and implementation of the standards will lay a solid foundation for the construction of public branding and the high-quality development of the service industry in the service area of ​​the”Pinword Standard” in our province.