National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety County Creation of Typical Experience
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  Editor’s note:In recent years, agricultural and rural departments at all levels have taken the establishment of national agricultural product quality and safety counties as their starting point, with law enforcement and supervision on the one hand, and standardized production on the other, to promote the continuous improvement of agricultural product quality and safety. We select some typical experience materials with outstanding highlights and distinctive features from various regions and publish them as follows for reference and reference.
   Standardization Through Industry   Supervision falls to the village community

   Jintang County, Sichuan Province
   Jintang County is located in the northeast of Chengdu, and is a key modern agricultural county and a major agricultural county in the hilly area of ​​the province. The county party committee and the county government have benchmarked the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, taking the opportunity of successfully creating the first batch of national Nong’an counties, focusing on the requirements of stable agricultural production and supply, insisting on increasing the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products in a prominent position, and paying close attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products Supervision, focusing on the”addition, subtraction, multiplication and division” of agricultural product quality and safety, and strive to build a four-in-one supervision model of”production, management, sales, and pursuit”.
The establishment of    brand, quality is the foundation. As an important guarantee base for Chengdu’s “vegetable basket” and “orchard”, in recent years, Jintang County has taken the establishment of a national agricultural product quality and safety county, a national export food and agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zone, and a Sichuan agricultural product quality and safety supervision demonstration county as an opportunity to establish Focusing on the requirements of stable agricultural production and supply, insisting on increasing the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products in a prominent position, and paying close attention to the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products, the formation of a”government responsible, county and township agencies, supervision to villages, funds guaranteed, testing Full coverage” regulatory pattern.
   Construct a full-coverage supervision system, a full-process monitoring system and a full-scale law enforcement system. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of grassroots supervisors and the”last mile” of supervision, Jintang County has deployed 106 professional village supervisors in the province, implemented”grid” supervision, and included 811 large-scale production and operation entities in the county into the routine The scope of supervision. Establish a three-level inspection network at county, town and village levels, support enterprises to build self-inspection rooms, quantitatively inspect more than 1,400 batches of agricultural products, and qualitatively inspect more than 80,000 batches of agricultural products annually. The sampling scope covers the main planting and breeding bases and all scattered farmers in the county. . Establish a county-level comprehensive agricultural law enforcement team, with four law enforcement squadrons of planting, breeding, aquatic products, and agricultural machinery, and establish and improve the departmental linkage mechanism. In the past three years, a total of 142 administrative penalty cases have been handled, and the case closed rate was 100%.
   Strengthen system construction and method innovation, and actively promote the implementation of the main responsibility of production. Jintang County is actively exploring the trial implementation of the certificate system and establishing a traceability mechanism. Up to now, a total of 75,000 certificates have been issued, and 55,600 tons of edible agricultural products have been listed. Formulate the”Key Monitoring List and Blacklist System for the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Producers in Jintang County (Trial)” to promote the establishment of a credit system for agricultural product quality and safety, and effectively punish untrustworthy behavior.
  Zero-distance education and grid control

   firmly keep the vegetables”safe on the tip of the tongue”

  Shouguang City, Shandong Province
  Shouguang City was approved as the first batch of national agricultural product quality and safety counties in 2016. In recent years, with agricultural product quality and safety as the bottom line, it has innovatively implemented grid and globalized supervision models, explored and innovated pesticide supervision methods, and continued to increase pesticide quality And the intensity of pesticide residue supervision, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.
  Comprehensive education and training, and everyone is”conscious” on vegetable quality and safety. First, public opinion”proclaims” safety. By posting announcements, propaganda slogans, making video programs, etc., widely publicize the importance of vegetable quality and safety, and sign quality and safety commitments with vegetable growers, agricultural resources management stores, and vegetable cooperatives one by one. The second is to train”teach” safety. Organize and carry out large-scale training in standardized production, and teach special courses on vegetable quality and safety, improving vegetable quality, and vegetable standardized production technology. The third is the random inspection”say” safety. To firmly establish the concept of “every random inspection is a publicity and education”, wherever vegetable sampling goes, face-to-face vegetable quality and safety publicity will be brought wherever, quality and safety law popularization “to every village, every household, full coverage”, growers The consciousness of consciousness, self-discipline, and awe of consciousness have increased significantly.
  Improve the working mechanism, and”measures” for vegetable quality and safety. Research and promulgate the”Red and Black List Management Measures in the Field of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety (Trial)” to force producers and operators to comply with laws and regulations and make safe production through credit punishment. Fully implement the use of the agricultural product certification system, and realize the”online with certificate, online with code, and market with logo” for agricultural products. Integrate big data resources such as agricultural production, real-name sales of agricultural materials, agricultural product quality testing, agricultural product transactions, and realize the intelligent traceability of quality information throughout the process. Implement”pulling net” investigations. Achieve”full coverage” for sampling and inspection of marketed vegetables. In 2020, a total of 98,000 batches of vegetable samples will be inspected, and the product quality qualification rate is 99.6%. At the same time, the cooperatives are urged to strengthen the self-inspection of vegetable quality. There are 530 cooperatives in the city that have standardized the construction of vegetable inspection rooms and carried out self-discipline inspections.
  Strengthen the management according to the law, and always”strongly deter” the quality and safety of vegetables. Formulate the”Agricultural Product Quality Questions Interview System”, transfer the problematic pesticides to the law enforcement brigade and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, pursue business responsibilities, trace the source of pesticide production, and eliminate potential safety hazards. A series of actions have been carried out to investigate and rectify the agricultural material market, unannounced agricultural product quality and safety inspections, and agricultural product quality and safety rectification during the Spring Festival and the Two Sessions, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with laws and regulations. The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with the Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and various towns and neighborhoods, established a joint management linkage mechanism to implement cross-supervision of the farmer’s market, agricultural product storage cold storage, and vegetable purchase and sales offices. In 2020, a total of 32 clues were handed over, which effectively brought into play the synergy effect of joint supervision.
   Strengthen credit supervision and build a prevention and control system of”keeping promises and double commitments”. The first is to organize the establishment of a “dual commitment” prevention and control system for social credit with principal responsibility for agricultural product quality and safety and supervision responsibility. The second is to carry out standardized establishment of agricultural materials management, and implement classified and classified supervision of pesticide management. Establish a positive incentive and guidance mechanism to build excellence, and follow the steps of”first rectification, then upgrade, and later assessment” to divide the city’s pesticide business stores into A, B, C, and D at a ratio of 2:3:4:1. Through the implementation of the assessment method, we will further strengthen the standardization and information construction of agricultural material stores, enhance the online supervision and service functions of agricultural materials, enhance the sense of responsibility of operators, and guide the majority of agricultural material operators to abide by the law.
  Leveraging ecological advantages   highlighting full-process supervision

   Tieli City, Heilongjiang Province
  Tieli City is located in the central part of Heilongjiang Province, surrounded by the Xiaoxing’an Mountains in the east and Songnen Plain in the west. It has many mountains and dense forests. It is known as”eight mountains, one river and one field”. The forest coverage rate reaches 66.07%. The percentage of days with good air is 99.1%, which is known as the green treasure house on Xiaoxing’anling. Relying on the advantages of good natural resources, Tieli City adheres to both green production and law enforcement supervision, and strives to build high-quality agricultural brands. The level of agricultural product quality and safety supervision has greatly increased, and the second batch of national agricultural product quality safety counties was approved in 2019.
   highlighting green planting and breeding, focusing on the source of production. Give full play to ecological advantages and promote green planting and breeding models. The planting industry focuses on the promotion of nine green planting models including three green standardized cultivation techniques for three crops, mechanical rice transplanting and deep fertilization techniques, and balanced fertilization techniques; the aquaculture industry focuses on promoting green feeds, rationally formulating feeds, and finally achieving”full-link” green Efficient technology integration. Build a green planting and breeding base and create a brand of green products. Give full play to the demonstration and lead role, realize the”county-wide” green development direction and have obtained the certification of the national green food raw material (rice) standardized production base.
   Highlight the whole process of supervision and make more efforts in comprehensive governance. Strictly check hidden risks and enhance risk early warning capabilities. Regular monitoring and risk assessment of agricultural land soil and agricultural water use, cutting off the chain of pollutants entering the farmland; regular sampling monitoring of agricultural products in production and circulation links such as farmer’s markets, large supermarkets, and more than 10,000 samples were tested in four years , The average test pass rate is higher than the provincial average. Intensively carry out special rectification actions such as pesticides,”clenbuterol”, pig slaughter, fresh milk, greening and green protection, establish a reporting reward mechanism, implement inspection and strike linkage, and severely crack down on illegal addition of agricultural and veterinary drugs, and drug withdrawals that do not comply with requirements Periods and other violations of laws and regulations.
   Highlight the implementation of responsibilities and make precise efforts in supervision and protection. Strengthen the government’s territorial management responsibilities, list agricultural product quality and safety supervision work as the city’s key work, and include it in the government performance project. The city, township, and village have established a leading group for agricultural product quality and safety supervision, forming a three-level grid supervision pattern. At the same time, establish a responsibility system and a commitment system for agricultural product quality and safety production and operation in the city, implement the traceability of the entire product process, establish a credit file, and implement the”red and black list” management. Adopt a combination of enterprise self-inspection and entrusted third-party inspection to inspect and inspect the upcoming agricultural products to ensure the safety of products entering the market and achieve full coverage and no dead ends.
  Sing the”Golden Sign” of the National Nong’an County

   Make every effort to build the brand image of”Drunk Beauty Liangzhou Authentic Agricultural Products”

   Liangzhou District, Wuwei City, Gansu Province
  Wuwei City Liangzhou District was officially awarded the second batch of national agricultural product quality safety counties by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2019. In order to consolidate and improve the achievements of the national Nong’an County, Liangzhou District thoroughly implements the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, and takes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the overall plan, and insists on ecological priority, green development, internal strength and quality. Brands, continue to innovate the regulatory model, take advantage of the opportunity to build regional public brands of agricultural products, promote the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency, and truly embark on a road of quality-based agriculture, green agriculture, and brand-strengthening agriculture.
   Strengthen organizational leadership and build a regulatory responsibility system. A leading group for agricultural product quality and safety supervision work was established at the municipal level. Each town and relevant department also set up corresponding work agencies, adopting district and town linkages, departmental interaction, administrative and technical support, and signing the responsibility letter for agricultural product quality and safety. It has ensured that the supervision work is not left blank or absent, and a long-term working mechanism of government-led, departmental supervision, producer due diligence, and social governance has been established.
   Strengthen the monitoring mechanism and build a monitoring system for agricultural products. The”Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Monitoring Program” was formulated and issued, with standardized production parks, export agricultural products bases, fruit and vegetable collection and transportation entities, and pig slaughterhouses as the monitoring focus, with quantitative testing as the mainstay, qualitative testing as a supplement, and supervision and random inspection. All towns carry out routine inspections mainly based on qualitative inspections, and sampling agricultural products”the town does not miss the village and the village does not miss the base”.
  Promote standardized production and build a technical service system. The advanced applicable technologies and products are added to the production technical regulations in time, and converted into concise operation manuals and clear papers, which facilitates the learning, mastering and application of producers. Comprehensively implement the”five unification” management method of agricultural inputs, technical guidance, production organization, quality inspection, purchase and sales, establish a field production management system, and improve production records and management files. Ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products through standardized management.
   Strengthen smart supervision and build a quality traceability system. In accordance with the requirements of”production records, information searchable, flow tracking, accountable, product recallable, and quality guaranteed”, 1 district-level supervision and traceability command center, 4 district-level supervision and traceability work platforms, and township supervision have been built There were 39 retrospective work platforms, 541 supervisors were entered, 3351 supervisory inspection records, and 261,000 test data uploaded.
   Strengthen publicity and marketing, and cultivate regional brands of agricultural products. Taking advantage of the”Golden Signboard” of the National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety County, meticulously organize and prepare for the live broadcast activities of”Drunken Liangzhou, authentic agricultural products” and the”Gansu 2020 Internet Poverty Alleviation Expo” to create a rich Liangzhou cultural heritage and region The distinctive regional public brand of agricultural products enhances the brand effect of agricultural products.