Nanjing Customs helps Lianyungang tea export for the first time
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   Recently, a batch of 40 tons of black tea from Lianyungang Wufu Tea Co., Ltd. passed the inspection of Lianyungang Customs under Nanjing Customs and was successfully packed and shipped abroad. This also realized the first export of Lianyungang tea.
  ”The natural conditions such as the soil and climate here are very suitable for growing tea, but at the beginning we only grow tea and make tea, but have no knowledge of the process and requirements of product export.” Li Lin, head of Lianyungang Wufu Tea Co., Ltd. Said,”This time we can export smoothly. I really want to thank Lianyungang Customs for the whole process of guidance, so that our new enterprise can take a solid first step.”

   After understanding the export needs of enterprises, Lianyungang Customs relies on the carrier of the”Excellent Import and Export Workshop of Agricultural Products” to give full play to the professional advantages of members to help enterprises clarify their export ideas and explain the export customs clearance process. According to the company’s application, in-depth survey of planting bases, guiding companies to improve base management in terms of medication, water sources, pests and diseases, planting and breeding records, etc., to ensure quality and safety as the first pass; in-depth production workshops, from workshop layout, staff training, production records, Improve production management in areas such as appliance cleaning and disinfection, and at the same time guide companies to follow the guidelines issued by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization to ensure food safety; guide companies to submit materials through the”Internet + Customs” platform to complete the record of planting bases and production companies program.
  ”The so-called teaching people how to fish is not as good as teaching people how to fish. If enterprises want to achieve long-term development, they must be proficient in export requirements. This is also an urgent need reflected by enterprises.” said Huang Hai, director of the Ganyu Office of Lianyungang Customs. To this end, the studio members innovated their ideas of assistance and changed one-way guidance to common learning. Carry out the specific measures of the General Administration of Customs and Nanjing Customs for”six stability” and”six guarantees”, relying on the self-established”Belt and Road” food safety policy and regulation database, and jointly carry out research on tea import regulations in Southeast Asia, the European Union and other regions; The members of the studio and the company jointly carried out risk consultations on”fitness and quality improvement”, improved the whole chain quality management system of”from raw materials to product export”, and further improved the level of product quality and safety.
  ”After the smooth customs clearance of this batch of tea, the follow-up goods are ready to be declared. The full assistance of the customs has opened the door to foreign trade for us. In the next step, we plan to further expand exports and let Lianyungang tea fragrant all over the world.”Li Lin looked at the tea being loaded into the truck and said confidently. (Hua Congling, Liu Shanmin/Text)