Nanchang City launches special inspection of tea during the Spring Festival
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   In order to ensure the demand for tea during the Spring Festival, merchants have increased their supply. There are a variety of teas on the market. At the same time, fake and inferior tea New and Sanwu tea issues really give consumers a headache. In addition, individual merchants also exaggerated the bad behaviors of hedonic luxury and privilege thoughts in marketing, disrupting the healthy market order.

   To this end, under the guidance of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Nanchang City Market Supervision Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau started on Special inspections will focus on solving outstanding problems in the operating quality of tea and its products, strengthen the supervision of tea operating companies’ marketing activities, crack down on illegal and irregular sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, and regulate the market operation order of tea and its products during the Spring Festival.

   Since New Year’s Eve, law enforcement officers have given up their rest and continued to go deep into major tea professional markets, supermarkets, tea shops, and high-end tea rooms to conduct inspections, focusing on the food business of the operators Whether the licenses, supplier qualifications, purchase vouchers, and ticket requests are complete, carefully check the tea manufacturer, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, etc., urge merchants to operate in a civilized and honest manner, strictly abide by laws and regulations, and prohibit sales.”No” tea, eliminates illegal activities such as selling shoddy tea and refilling the old with the new, and provides consumers with a safe consumption market environment.

   In this special inspection, the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau conducted a comprehensive supervision and required tying, malicious speculation in the market, and price collusion on exceeding the guideline price. , Unclearly marked prices, false origins, and illegal activities such as shoddy, famous brands, and high-priced teas shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and bad behaviors that exaggerate the idea of ​​luxury and privilege in marketing shall be strongly rectified.

   As of now, the city’s market supervision department has dispatched more than 360 law enforcement personnel to inspect more than 500 tea business households, seized and sealed 63 kilograms of suspected unqualified tea. In the course of the inspection, the business operators did not obtain the supplier’s qualifications and the product qualification certificates were not complete. They put forward rectification opinions and ordered them to rectify within a time limit.