Ministry of Commerce:Catering consumption in 2021 Spring Festival booms
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   2021 Spring Festival is the first Spring Festival when the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has become normal. During the holiday season, on the basis of preventing and controlling the epidemic, the majority of catering companies actively adjusted their business ideas, actively improved the quality of dishes, and innovated service methods. The performance of the catering consumption market was eye-catching. Monitoring by the Ministry of Commerce showed that from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first month (February 11-17), the nation’s key retail and catering companies achieved sales of approximately 821 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7%over last year’s Spring Festival Golden Week and an increase over 2019’s Spring Festival Golden Week 4.9%.

   New Year’s Eve dinner reservations are hot

  As of the morning of February 17, the operating income of the catering companies I will focus on has increased by 80%year-on-year. The consumption of New Year’s Eve dinner is not diminishing, and reservations for New Year’s Eve dinners are hot everywhere, and the booking rate of many brand catering companies exceeds 95%. Among them, dine-in consumption is still the mainstream.

  Online ordering presents new trends

   service modes such as online booking, offline pickup, delivery, and on-site cooking are favored and become a new choice for Chinese New Year dinners. Sets for 2-6 people are more popular. On New Year’s Eve, the New Year’s Eve dinner set and semi-finished products were sold hotly.

   table civilization becomes a new fashion

   is opposed to food waste. The meal sharing system and the metric chopsticks system have become important themes of catering consumption. The members I contacted learned that more than 50%of consumers actively propose to divide meals or actively cooperate with them; more than 60%of consumers are conscious of opposing waste or can actively cooperate in ordering and dining.