Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Commerce, National Health Commission, General Administration of Customs, Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Doing a Good Job in Maintaining Supply and Stabilizing Prices of Agricultural Products during the Spring Festival and the National”Two Sessions”
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All provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, agriculture and rural areas (agriculture and animal husbandry), development and reform, finance, transportation, commerce, health, market supervision departments (bureaus, commissions), all directly affiliated customs, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps agriculture and rural areas, development and reform , Finance, Transportation, Commerce, Health, Market Supervision Bureau (Commission):
   Recently, affected by the strong cold wave weather and the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the prices of vegetables and other agricultural products in some areas have risen rapidly, which has greatly affected the supply of residents’ daily necessities. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this. General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued important instructions on many occasions, emphasizing the need to ensure the supply and price stability of important agricultural and sideline products. In order to implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, ensure the supply and price stability of agricultural products during the Spring Festival and the National”Two Sessions” period, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and ensure that the people have a good Spring Festival and daily life needs. The notice is as follows:
   1. Strictly implement the”vegetable basket” mayor responsibility system. All localities should take the stability of production and supply of”vegetable basket” products as an important livelihood project, attach great importance to it, keep the soil responsible, strengthen the local responsibility, consolidate the mayor’s responsibility system, establish a agricultural product supply and stable price work mechanism, formulate work plans, and take effective measures , Coordinate and do a good job in production development, processing, purchasing and storage, production and sales connection, circulation and transportation, market regulation, quality and safety, etc., and timely and effectively solve the outstanding problems of”vegetable basket” products due to disasters, such as production reduction, poor production and sales, and restricted circulation, and effectively guarantee The market has sufficient supply, abundant types and basically stable prices. Counties (cities) affected by the epidemic and counties (cities) that have been affected by the epidemic should pay special attention to the supply of agricultural and sideline products and daily necessities of rural residents and poverty-stricken households, so that they can enjoy a happy, peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.
   2. Effectively guarantee the production and supply of”vegetable basket” products. It is necessary to pay close attention to changes in weather, predict the impact of severe weather on production in time, improve technical plans for disaster prevention and mitigation, organize forces to strengthen production technical guidance services, ensure production water, electricity, and gas use, and strengthen sheds and supplement light Work such as temperature increase, water and fertilizer management, pest control, etc., to minimize disaster losses. Low-risk areas should take effective measures to actively guide and support large-scale planters, cooperatives and other large-scale business entities to appropriately increase planting areas, increase production management efforts, and improve supply capabilities. The medium- and high-risk areas must ensure the stability of local production and timely harvest and market by organizing emergency measures such as production commandos and technical service teams while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The”Southern Vegetables Transported to the North” base and the northern facility vegetable production areas should adjust the sales area in time according to the market supply and demand situation and the changes in the flow of personnel during the Spring Festival this year, and appropriately increase the market supply. Properly develop fast-growing leafy vegetables and sprouts around large and medium cities, increase emergency reserves, and prepare to supplement market supply. In accordance with the pledged goal of stable production and supply of live pigs in 2021, all localities should implement the responsibility and policy measures to ensure supply, prevent and control major animal diseases, ensure the stable supply of feed materials, accelerate the restoration of pig production capacity, and coordinate the production of cattle, sheep and poultry and aquaculture. , To guide the breeding farms (households) to timely adjust the plan for exiting the pond according to the changes in market demand, and effectively guarantee the production and supply during the Spring Festival and the national”two sessions”. It is necessary to intensify routine monitoring, supervision and spot checks, and effectively guarantee the quality and safety of”vegetable basket” products.
   Third, flexibly use the”vegetable basket” product regulation policy. We will do a good job in the prevention and control of imported cold chain agricultural products for the new crown virus, speed up the customs clearance of imported livestock and aquatic products, and do a good job in the release of central reserve meat in accordance with the market situation. All localities must implement the national regulations on”vegetable basket” product reserves, rely on qualified agricultural product processing and sales and cold chain logistics enterprises and agricultural product wholesale markets, establish and improve the emergency procurement and storage system of fresh agricultural products such as vegetables in a timely manner, and accurately implement the source of reserves. Organize market launches in an orderly manner to prevent sales difficulties and supply cuts. Large northern cities should do a good job of stocking winter and spring vegetables in an orderly manner according to the situation. All localities should strengthen the support for”vegetable basket” products, and earnestly implement the”Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Further Doing a Good Job in the Basic Livelihood Guarantee of the People in Difficulties” (Guoban Invention News [2021] No. 2), and do a good job in the Spring Festival and the whole country. During the”Two Sessions” period, the assistance and care services for the needy people, the timely and full payment of relief funds such as subsistence allowances and special poverty support, ensure the basic living security of urban low-income groups.
   Fourth, speed up the clearing of”vegetable basket” product transportation jams. It is necessary to ensure unblocked transportation channels for agricultural products in the “vegetable basket”, include grain, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, aquatic products, fertilizers, and feeds into the scope of key guarantee materials for normalized epidemic prevention and control, and promote epidemic prevention and control measures such as remote nucleic acid testing.”Vegetable basket” agricultural products and vegetable seedlings, young livestock and poultry, aquatic seedlings, feed, fertilizers and other agricultural materials transportation vehicles shall not be intercepted at will for inspection or restricted passage. Strictly implement the”green channel” policy for the transportation of fresh agricultural products, and waive vehicle tolls for vehicles that legally load and transport products in the national unified”Catalogue of Fresh Agricultural Products”. It is strictly forbidden to block traffic such as illegally breaking roads and closing roads, and ensure that roads leading to key places such as vegetable bases, livestock and aquaculture farms, livestock product processing and slaughterhouses, and agricultural products trading markets are unblocked. Areas where conditions permit can provide appropriate support to the carrier and vehicle owners according to the situation.
   5. Expand the sales channels of”vegetable basket” products in various ways. It is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the wholesale market of fresh and live agricultural products such as vegetables, and actively promote the online trading of fresh and live agricultural products and the point-to-point dedicated car line distribution. The medium and high-risk areas shall regulate the wholesale and distribution of fresh agricultural products according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and reduce Personnel contact improves distribution efficiency and reduces circulation costs. Take agricultural products from poverty alleviated areas as an important source of effective supply of”vegetable basket” products, coordinate production areas and sales areas to build a”point-to-point” docking relationship, and prioritize procurement and sales. Encourage local organizations to organize commercial outlets such as supermarkets and community stores to directly connect with agricultural products production and operation entities to achieve direct procurement and supply, reduce circulation links, and smooth production and sales. It is necessary to explore the establishment of an inter-provincial linkage emergency mechanism for agricultural product supply, to promptly assist in solving the difficulties in selling or supplying agricultural products in neighboring provinces, and to ensure a steady and safe supply of agricultural products from Hong Kong and Macao. Organize online sales entities such as e-commerce platforms and supermarket distribution by launching the”2021 Online New Year’s Day” and other methods to actively perform social responsibilities, give full play to its own advantages, and unblock the terminal sales network. Strengthen the supervision of the sales entities of fresh and live agricultural products, and strictly prohibit hoarding and driving up prices. Once discovered, investigate and deal with according to law. Care for the wholesale market, supermarket staff, logistics and distribution personnel, give priority to the implementation of vaccination and other epidemic prevention measures, strictly prohibit unreasonable deductions of wages, and protect legitimate rights and interests.
   Six. Comprehensively strengthen the market monitoring of the”vegetable basket” products. The agricultural product wholesale markets and key supermarkets in large and medium-sized cities such as municipalities, provincial capitals, and cities separately designated in the state plan have all been included in the national agricultural product market price information monitoring system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the daily necessities market monitoring system of the Ministry of Commerce, as a normalized epidemic prevention and control”protecting people’s livelihood””Important monitoring indicators implemented by the measures, as an important indicator of the”vegetable basket” mayor’s responsibility system, implement the responsibility of submitting data to the territories. All localities and relevant departments should strengthen the dispatching of the production area of ​​fresh and live agricultural products, the dynamic monitoring of market operation, timely warning of market changes, early activation of relevant plans and relevant measures, reasonable guidance of market expectations, and untrue or excessive speculation that affect the smooth operation of the agricultural product market Resolutely crack down on the behavior of the company to ensure a stable and orderly market. All localities must earnestly figure out the types and output of vegetables in the field and stockpiles of livestock and aquatic products, and in view of the changes in the flow of people during the Spring Festival this year, scientifically study and judge the structure and demand for ensuring the supply of fresh agricultural products, and make preparations in advance.
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