Milk product quality and risk assessment technology innovation team research reveals the interaction mechanism of rumen bacteria urease auxiliary protein
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   Recently, the dairy industry innovation team revealed the interaction mechanism between the rumen bacteria urease accessory protein UreG and UreE, and identified the key to the combination of UreG and UreE and nickel transfer The site provides a target for regulating urease activity and improving the utilization of urea nitrogen. Related research results were published in”International Journal of Biological Macromolecules”.

   According to researcher Wang Jiaqi, ruminant rumen microbial urease plays an important role in the metabolism of urea nitrogen. Inhibiting urease activity can help increase the utilization of urea nitrogen and increase the rumen The amount of microbial protein synthesis increases the amount of milk synthetic substrates. Urease is mainly composed of structural proteins and auxiliary proteins. Among them, auxiliary proteins UreE and UreG participate in the initial binding and delivery of nickel, and play an important role in the activation of urease activity. However, the interaction mechanism of the two auxiliary proteins has not been solved. The researchers used metagenomic sequencing technology to obtain the UreG and UreE genes of the rumen microbial urease accessory protein of dairy cows. Through prokaryotic expression studies, they found that the urease accessory protein UreE combined with UreG to form a UreE2-2UreG complex, and the binding process was mainly hydrophobic. Endothermic process. Cys-70 and His-72 located in the UreG metal bonding area and nearby Glu-66 and Asp-78 not only affect the combination of UreE and UreG, but also affect the transfer of nickel, suggesting that the bonding surface of UreE and UreG may be located in the metal bond This provides a basis for targeting UreG to regulate urease activity.

   The research was funded by the major tasks of the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Special Funds for the Modern Agricultural Industrial Technology System.

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