Mianyang Jiangyou Market Supervision Bureau severely dealt with an operator who violated the centralized supervision regulations on imported cold chain food
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Recently, the Jiangyou City Market Supervision Bureau carried out a cold chain food transport vehicle inspection at Tajiu Road, Qinglian Town, and found that a batch of imported cod carried by a cold chain transport vehicle to Jiangyou was not concentrated in accordance with the cold chain food imported by Jiangyou City. The regulatory requirements make an appointment for filing with the centralized supervision warehouse in advance.

  Jiangyou City Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized law enforcement officers to inspect the batch of goods and temporarily controlled relevant personnel. After investigation, the batch of goods was imported frozen cod with a total weight of 242 kg. The “three certifications and one traceability” of this batch of goods were complete, but they did not make an appointment to the centralized supervision warehouse in advance for filing, which violated the relevant regulations of Jiangyou City’s centralized supervision of imported cold chain food .
   Law enforcement officers conducted on-site publicity and education of relevant responsible persons, and immediately organized the shipment of the batch of goods to the Jiangyou imported cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse for cargo disinfection and nucleic acid testing and sampling, and ordered the operators involved to bear the concentration of the batch of goods in accordance with the law The cost of disinfection, nucleic acid sampling and testing, loading and unloading, and storage during the supervision period totaled more than RMB 3,000. After testing by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the batch of goods was not found to be positive, and it has been released into the market.