Mexico’s agricultural exports increase by 5.2%year-on-year in 2020
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The Economist of Mexico reported on February 15 that, according to the World Food and Agriculture Organization, Mexico’s total agricultural exports in 2020 reached 39.525 billion U.S. dollars, a record high; imports were 27.178 billion U.S. dollars, and the import and export surplus was 12.347 billion U.S. dollars, achieving the sixth consecutive year. The annual trade surplus is mainly due to favorable weather conditions and increasing external demand for agricultural products.

   Mexico’s agricultural import and export trade mainly includes agricultural products, livestock, fishery products and agro-industrial products. The export products are diverse, mainly including drinks (tequila, beer and mezcal), vegetables (tomatoes), fruits (avocados and strawberries), meat (beef) and seafood (shrimp). Mexico is the world’s sixth largest producer of fruits and vegetables, with an average annual output of more than 38 million tons.